Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yogi sees Prakash returning to keep and hurriedly sends his pals Surjith and Bablu. Prakash scolds why did he permit Surjith and Bablu in store. Yogi indicates speaker and says he wishes to deliver it to patron. Prakash asks if song player is examine and checks, it short circuits and makes Prakash’s face black. Prakash asks Yogi to depart proper away. Pihu returns home and walks Dadaji and offers him chocolate saying she is aware of he can not go out to have sweets, so she got him chocolate. Rani informs Daadi that Pihu took chocolate from fridge. Daadi says she should be with Dadaji and they both find Dadaji and Pihu hiding beneath mattress. Rani reveals chocolate, and Daadi scolds Dadaji for having chocolate with severe diabetes. Dadaji says his sugar is under manipulate after Pari is treating him. Pihu asks him to send Pari out as she took Yogi chachu’s room. Rani says she is proper. Dadaji says he promised Pari and cannot ship her out.

Yogi keeping speaker takes his pals to a restaurantg in which the see Pari along with her buddy. pals get mesmerized seeing women. Yogi says Pari is the one who stole his room. they say then this lady is a member of the family, let us move and meet her. Yogi warns him to shut up. Pari’s buddy asks howmuch she deals and why she sold so many pickle bottles. Pari smells them and says her mother sent them from Kolkota and she or he will present them to Srivastav own family. pals interpret it to Yogi. Yogi walks out with friends and angrily tries to rip Pari’s scooty seat. buddies forestall him asking now not to tear any such lovely female’s scooty seat. Yogi pours whole dustbin garbage on Pari’s scooty. Pari walks out and considering the fact that shouts. Yogi runs away along with his pals, leaving Pari fuming.

Prakash gets consumer’s call that Yogi sent a message that his speaker might be delivered day after today. His friend sees Prakash black with unkempt hair and asks what befell to him, honestly his son have to have finished this; his son just wastes time with Surjith and Bablu or even now should be losing time someplace, he will not get a lady in existence. Prakash says he already fixed Yogi’s alliance in a rich circle of relatives who can buy his keep. buddy eager asks who’re they. Prakash says he can see whilst he is taking him in Yogi’s barath and gets glad thinking his son is lucky.

Yogi along with his buddies reaches outside Gunjan’s house, holding gift. Bablu asks if this is bhabhi’s house. Yogi asks them to name Gunjan. they are saying allow them to move in and ask Yogi to ring bell. Surjith jewelry bell. Gautam busy playing cell recreation gets irritated and opens door an asks Surjith who’s he. Surjth sees Yogi and Bablu hiding and asks if that is bungalow #7. Gautam says no and closes door. Yogi says he’s Gunjan’s brother. Bablu says they are able to call Gunjan bhabi to are available balcony and they both shout bhabhi status outdoor Gunjan’s balcony. A passer by means of scolds them to forestall shouting. They alas walk away whilst Gunjan comes in balcony. Yogi turns and seeing her indicators her. She waves at him and indicators what is he doing here. He indicators he delivered present for her. Bablu and Surjith introduce themselves. Gunjan asks them to are available in. Yogi rings bell. Pari passes by way of and seeing Yogi fumes and thinks she will ram scooty on him. Suman opens door. Yogi hides. Suman asks Surjith and Bablu who are they. they are saying they got here to fulfill bhabhi. Gunjan from at the back of indicators them to go away. Suman asks if they may be mad. Gautam identifies Surjith and says bungalow #7 is after 2-3 bungalows away. They both go back to Yogi. Gunjan is available in balcony and apologizes Yogi. Yogi asks her to come back down.

Precap: Gunjan walks toward Yogi while she sees Prakash’s car coming and runs back internal home. Yogi looking to hide falls into dustbin. Pari laughs when you consider that.


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