Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Gunjan comes in balcony and apologizes Yogi for no longer calling him internal residence. Bablu and Surjith asks him to pop out herself, they may enjoy gol gappe. Pari hearing their communique thinks what’s this new drama. Gunjan comes out. Yogi walks toward her holding present. Gunjan sees Shiv’s automobile coming and runs interior residence. Yogi notices it and looking to cover himself falls into dustbin. Pari thinks he threw garbage on her and now he have to be in dustbin. Yogi tries to get out of dustbin, but Pari speeds his scotty across him making him fall into dustbin once more. Surjith and Bablu ask if he is best. Yogi sees his gift damaged and scolds his friends. pals taunt he is stinking like rubbish and he runs in the back of them.

At domestic, Kusum asks Rani and Nisha to get pickle jars from terrace as it will rain. Nisha returns and informs that there may be rain water pickle jars as a person stored them open. Daadi says it ought to be Dadaji for sure and fumes on him. Kusum says Nisha may also want it as she may additionally get pregnant soon. Nisha says Kabir doesn’t need kids at all. Pari enters and says her mother despatched pickles for them. Nisha asks how can she get pickles from Kolkota so early. Pari says her friend was visiting and taken it. Yogi walks in and asks from which shop did she purchase pickles. Pari nervously she not from keep, her mom sent it. Yogi keeps questioning her whilst she diverts own family’s interest toward Yogi says he is stinknig like rubbish, did he fell in dustbin. Kusum says he is clearly stinking. Prakash enters subsequent and Pari provokes even him. Prakash as standard shouts at Yogi. Yogi plays emotional card and says a rushing car turned into about to hit him and he fell in dustbin trying to keep himself. Kusum receives emotional and asks him to move and take shower. Pari thinks he could be very intelligent and escaped by using gambling emotional drama.

Vivek returns domestic. Rani reminiscing Nisha’s words says Nisha instructed something which disillusioned her. He asks if she fought along with her. Rani says no, kid.. Kabir enters and asks him to return soon as Yogi is very disappointed. They each stroll into Khushi’s room and asks what befell to him. Khushi says Bhai’s lifestyles is stuck with a tragedy, he went to satisfy Gunjan bhabhi with present and looking to cover from Shiv and Suman fell in dustbin. Kabir says he is stinking. Yogi says he bathed thrice. Vivek shows him to forestall strolling at the back of girls, get married and endure children quickly. Rani says even Nisha and Kabir have to undergo children quickly. Kabir says what will he do with children. Nisha feels unhappy. Rani says Kabir does now not need children and consoles Nisha. Kabir says he does no longer need some other Kabir on this international. Vivek scolds him no longer to speak garbage, he is speaking greater garbage than Kailash uncle, he is absolutely one of a kind from Kailash uncle, he can be a far better father. Yogi signals he will play with Kabir’s kids. Kabir smiles and jokes. Yogi asks them to give him a plan to ship doctor female from their residence. Vivek and Kabir says Dadaji stored her, so they can not assist Yogi. Khushi also backs off announcing some wars are fought on my own. Kabir is going to terrace aand seeing Pari talking over smartphone drops water on her bed. Pari tells her pal that she got whole ground and is playing it royally. She sleeps on bed and feeling water and seeing mug fumes that Yogi poured water on her bed, in which will she sleep now; he dared to venture her and she will sleep on his mattress tonight.

Precap: Prakash and Khushi talk about fixing Yogi and Gunjan’s wedding ceremony soon. next morning, Pari stands in toilet que whilst Dadaji and Prakash fight for it. Pari begins her drama to head in first.


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