Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prakash gargles loudly at night time. Kusum asks him to stop as every body are napping. Prakash says it’ll clear his mouth. Pari walks to them and starts offevolved emotional drama. They both ask if she is excellent. Pari says a person poured water on her bed purposefully. Prakash says truely Yogi must have executed this. Pari says she can sleep on ground if she will be able to get a spare mattress. In Khushi’s room, Yogi informs her how he poured water on Pari’s bed. Prakash walks with Pari and Kusum and says Yogi accepted his crime and have to be punished. Kusum says Pari will sleep in Khushi’s room and Yogi will sleep outdoor. Pari says she can fix his mattress in residing room. Prakash says Yogi need to be despatched outdoor home. Kusum says she already punished him. Yogi walks to his bed and sees it moist.

Pari smirks reminiscing pouring water on Yogi’s mattress. Dadaji passes by way of. Yogi signals him whole incident. Dadaji says he can sleep in his room and takes him along. In sleep, Dadaji farts time and again. Yogi unable to undergo stink goes and sleeps on cot outside.

Next morning, Yogi walks in the direction of rest room while Pari stops him and insists she can cross first. Prakash with Dadaji walks in, and Pari complains Yogi isn’t letting her use lavatory first. Prakash scolds him and asks to let the female pass first. Yogi insists he’ll pass first. Pari says she has many sufferers looking forward to her in clinic and needs to move soon. Prakash and dadaji agree. Pari thinks she desires to impress them and says elders have to pass first. Dadaji says he will then. Pari starts drama once more that she desires to carry out endoscopy to a affected person in half-hour. Dadaji shall we her move. Yogi name callings Prakash and Dadaji that female fooled them. Prakash keeps scolding him. own family drama and jokergiri keeps.

Suman tells Shiv that she goes for Gunjan’s wedding ceremony buying as Prakash’s own family already might have completed wedding purchasing. Shiv says he did no longer even name after dadaji’s twist of fate and calling Prakash asks if Dadaji is exceptional. Prakash says sure. Shiv says they must restore engagement date. Yogi luckily plays wedding shehnayi. Shiv asks Prakash if he already planned wedding ceremony date. Prakash says no longer but. Shiv says let us restoration engagement date for subsequent week. Prakash says that is ideal. Yogi plays lively track. Prakash says his new employee is gambling songs and scolds Yopi. Radio falls on his foot and he shouts in pain.

Pari attends lecture and tells her buddy Neha ultimate night time’s incident and the way she punished Yogi. Neha says why she is troubling bad Yogi. Professor sees her chatting and asks her to explain about cranial shape which he defined just now. She explains complete chapter. He asks her to sit. Pari says Yogi is smart and his family is a lot loving, but her mother and father always combat and they’re at the verge of divorce. Neha consoles her.

Khushi asks Yogi if he wishes to talk to Gunjan, he have to bribe her. Yogi gives her money. She gives her Gunjan’s landline number. He excitedly selections his cellular to speak to Gunjan. Khushi says he shouldn’t name from his cell. He dials variety on landline while Kusum walks in and that they stand nervously. as soon as she leaves, Khushi redials range, Shiv picks call.

Precap: Khushi speaks to Gunjan over phone and Yogi speaks next. Yogi sees Pari entering house hiking pipe.


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