Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Yogi sees his blessing broken and chides his companions. Companions insult he is stinking like trash and he keeps running behind them. Kusum asks Rani and Nisha to get pickle containers from porch as it will rain. Nisha returns and advises that there is downpour water pickle jostles as somebody kept them open. Daadi says it must be Dadaji without a doubt and vapor on him. Kusum says Nisha may require it as she may get pregnant soon. Nisha says Kabir doesn’t need youngsters by any stretch of the imagination. Pari enters and says her mom sent pickles for them. Nisha asks how might she get pickles from Kolkota so early. Pari says her companion was voyaging and brought it. Yogi strolls in and asks from which store did she purchase pickles. Pari anxiously she not from store, her mom sent it.

Yogi keeps scrutinizing her when she occupies family’s consideration towards Yogi says he is stinknig like trash, did he fell in dustbin. Kusum says he is truly stinking. Prakash enters straightaway and Pari incites even him. Prakash as common yells at Yogi. Yogi plays passionate card and says a speeding vehicle was going to hit him and he fell in dustbin attempting to spare himself. Kusum gets enthusiastic and requests that he proceed to take wash. Pari supposes he is extremely keen and gotten away by playing enthusiastic show.

Vivek returns home. Rani thinking back Nisha’s words says Nisha told something which upset her. He inquires as to whether she battled with her. Rani says no, kid.. Kabir enters and requests that he come soon as Yogi is exceptionally disturbed. The two of them stroll into Khushi’s room and asks what befell him. Khushi says Bhai’s life is screwed over thanks to a disaster, he went to meet Gunjan bhabhi with blessing and attempting to avoid Shiv and Suman fell in dustbin. Kabir says he is stinking. Yogi says he washed thrice. Vivek recommends him to quit running behind young ladies, get hitched and bear youngsters soon. Rani says even Nisha and Kabir should bear youngsters soon. Kabir says what will he do with kids.

Nisha feels miserable. Rani says Kabir does not need kids and consoles Nisha. Kabir says he doesn’t need another Kabir in this world. Vivek chastens him not to talk junk, he is talking more refuse than Kailash uncle, he is totally not quite the same as Kailash uncle, he can be a vastly improved dad. Yogi signals he will play with Kabir’s children. Kabir grins and jokes. Yogi requests that they give him an arrangement to send specialist young lady from their home. Vivek and Kabir says Dadaji kept her, so they can’t support Yogi. Khushi likewise backs off saying a few wars are battled alone. Kabir goes to patio aand seeing Pari talking over telephone drops water on her bed. Pari discloses to her companion that she got entire floor and is appreciating it imperially. She dozes on bed and feeling water and seeing mug vapor that Yogi poured water on her bed, where will she rest now; he set out to challenge her and she will rest on his bed today around evening time.

Precap: Prakash and Khushi examine about fixing Yogi and Gunjan’s wedding soon. Next morning, Pari remains in restroom que when Dadaji and Prakash battle for it. Pari begins her show to go in first.


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