Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nisha sees Yogi and Khushi neaar landline and asks what’s going on with they. Khushi lies that she is taking notes from her companion. Yogi signals Kusum is summoning Nisha and sends her. Khushi dials Gunjan’s landline number and reveals to Suman that she is Gunjan’s music class’ companion and needs to address her. Suman offers telephone to Gunjan. Khushi says she is Yogi’s sister. Yogi takes telephone and talks in idiotic language. Gunjan cheerfully tunes in to him. Dadaji strolls to them. Khushi apprehensively says its Rani’s companion’s call. Dadaji accepts call. Gunjan anxiously keeps recipient and leaves. Suman picks recipient. Dadaji plays with her and sings tune. Suman indignantly keeps call.

Rani and Nisha cook sustenance in kitchen talking about how Vivek and Kabir spoil them and

rub their head. Kusum grins. Rani inquires as to why she doesn’t blow up. Kusum says she isn’t sequential sort fiendish saas as she additionally did not sequential sort insidious saas. Their talking proceeds. Kusum proposes to get ready sustenance for Pari likewise as she is away from her family. Rani asks they previously gave room. Kusum says she is so great, if Yogi’s partnership was not discover, she would have met Pari’s mom.

Pari moves in her room and supposing somebody will watch her and she may need to go out closes windows and entryway. She at that point supposes she needs a chilled brew in this wonderful condition, she ought to proceed to get it, yet in the event that Shrivastav family discovers, she will be kicked out of their home. Her companion considers her and welcomes her for bar. Pari joyfully concurs saying she was longing for brew. She strolls down where Shrivastav family is visiting and lies that her patient is not kidding and she needs to hurry to emergency clinic. Family worriedly concurs. Pari contacts Prakash’s feet and requests that he favor her that she spares her patient. Prakash favors her and family gets dazzled seeing her sanskar. Pari hits the dance floor with her companion in bar and says she severely required it as Shrivastav family is very sanskari and wouldn’t let her get alcohol their home.

Prakash sits tight for Yogi till 12 PM and vapor that he didn’t return till now. He supposes Pari is so sanskari and went to spare patient’s life and his child is wandering like loafer. Yogi returns. Prakash chastens him and giving him lock requests to bolt house once Pari comes back from emergency clinic in the wake of performing medical procedure. Yogi sits raging. Pari keeps appreciating alcohol and move and seeing its as of now 12 PM surges home. Yogi nods off sitting tight for her. Pari profits showering scent for her garments and thumps entryway uproariously. Yogi gets up, peeps from window, and seeing her thumping entryway covers up. Pari yells close window and contacts her room climbing channel. Yogi gets glad reasoning he didn’t give her access, yet gets stunned seeing her contacting her room climbing funnel. He gets a thought and arrives at Gunjan’s room climbing channel.

Precap: Yogi arrives at Gunjan’s room climbing channel. Shiv thinks a hoodlum has gone into their home and calls police. Gunjan signals Yogi to escape soon.


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