Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pari smiles thinking back pouring water on Yogi’s bed. Dadaji cruises by. Yogi signals him entire occurrence. Dadaji says he can rest in his room and takes him along. In rest, Dadaji flatulates more than once. Yogi unfit to shoulder stink proceeds to rest on bed outside.

Yogi strolls towards restroom when Pari stops him and demands she will go first. Prakash with Dadaji strolls in, and Pari whines Yogi isn’t letting her utilization washroom first. Prakash chides him and requests to release the young lady first. Yogi demands he will go first. Pari says she has numerous patients sitting tight for her in medical clinic and necessities to go soon. Prakash and dadaji concur. Pari supposes she needs to intrigue them and says older folks ought to go first. Dadaji says he will at that point. Pari begins show again that she needs to perform endoscopy to a patient in 30 minutes. Dadaji releases her. Yogi insults Prakash and Dadaji that young lady tricked them. Prakash keeps chiding him. Family dramatization and jokergiri proceeds.

Suman discloses to Shiv that she is going for Gunjan’s wedding shopping as Prakash’s family as of now would have done wedding shopping. Shiv says he didn’t call after dadaji’s mishap and calling Prakash inquires as to whether Dadaji is fine. Prakash says yes. Shiv says they should fix commitment date. Yogi cheerfully plays wedding shehnayi. Shiv inquires as to whether he effectively arranged wedding date. Prakash says not yet. Shiv says let us fix commitment date for one week from now. Prakash says that is great. Yogi plays fiery tune. Prakash says his new worker is playing tunes and reproves Yopi. Radio falls on his foot and he yells in agony.

Pari goes to talk and reveals to her companion Neha the previous evening’s episode and how she rebuffed Yogi. Neha says why she is upsetting poor Yogi. Educator sees her visiting and gets some information about cranial structure which he portrayed a little while ago. She clarifies entire part. He requests that her sit. Pari says Yogi is insightful and his family is so much cherishing, yet her folks consistently battle and they are at the skirt of separation. Neha reassures her.

Khushi inquires as to whether he needs to address Gunjan, he should pay off her. Yogi gives her cash. She gives her Gunjan’s landline number. He energetically picks his versatile to address Gunjan. Khushi says he shouldn’t call from his versatile. He dials number on landline when Kusum strolls in and they stand anxiously. When she leaves, Khushi redials number, Shiv picks call.

Precap: Khushi addresses Gunjan over telephone and Yogi talks straightaway. Yogi sees Pari going into house climbing channel.


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