Ishq Mein Marjawan 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Deep comes close to Arohi. He says we are alone with out each other. Arohi cries. Deep says you by no means relied on me. I tried saving your life. Arohi hugs him in tears. She become dreaming all this. Arohi says deep.. She says that man is simply the use of me.

Deep is asleep. Aroh comes to him and says your tea. He turned into dreaming all this too. Arohi says I wont permit his love weaken me.

Netra involves deep. Se says you are here. Deep says who were you talking too? who is keeping a watch on you. SHe says Arohi makes me concerned. She keeps a watch on us. She wants to element us. Deep says no person can come between us. She says I wanted to begin my life anew. Deep says we suppose alike. that is love. He hugs Netra.

Arohi comes to a place. Tara is there too. Tara says our paths constantly pass. Arohi says maybe who you watched is friend might be enemy. a pal who stabs from back is worse than an enemy who stabs from the front. Arohi leaves. She says I recognise Netra is upto some thing.

Netra meets a person and says no person have to recognise what our plan is. We have to preserve an eye fixed on every body. Tara is available in and claps. She says I knew you have been fooling me. You told me a fake story.. Netra stated to Tara deep is the usage of me. I want to take revenge from he. He did the same to you so we can be on one page. we are able to shake fingers. Tara ropes NEtra and says get geared up to die. Arohi is there hidden. She says Tara nonetheless doesn’t realize what netra is updato. Netra released her hand. the fellow comes and says she came right here too. Netra says we ought to consciousness on our challenge. Deep shouldn’t get that sword. it’s miles valuable.

The event starts. Deep says to Jatin i can do some thing to get that sword. He goes in disguised as an arab.

Precap: All ladies in the birthday celebration dance separately.


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