Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Netra says Arohi disclose to me where is that sword. Arohi says we need to stick together. Tara says profound took the sword. Netra says or you did. Tara says I dislike you. Try not to blame me. Tara says any individual who swindles this arrangement will be murdered. Netra puts weapon on her and says we will see. Arohi says we need to get the sword before this. We need to join against profound. They hold hands.

Netra says profound needs to be the most dominant and rich man in th world. Tara says how would we realize where is he keeping the sword? Netra says my man is watching out for profound. He will let us know. She gets a call and says the sword is in the house Arohi says for what reason don’t you go nd search for it? Tara says how could she get this data? She is concealing some mystery. Arohi says we have no alternative however to confide in her.

Netra gives profound nourishment. She says I made everything myself. Profound says it smells so wonderful. I will influence you to eat. She gives profound a chomp. He pulls her nearby. Netra says eat first. Profound says I need to be with my better half first. Profound approaches her and she blacks out.

Aroh says Netra didn’t call. Tara says I realized she was misdirecting us. Arohi says this could be profound as well. He may have accomplished something to her. Netra awakens. Arohi calls her. Netra says profound swooned me. He is taking sword to some place at 5. Take it from here. Arohi says we will do our arrangement when profound advances our wth the sword.

Profound strides out of the house. A vehicle hits him. He swoons. Netra and wasu raced to him. Was cries. Netra says don’t cry mummy ji. He will be alright. Wasu says I asked him not to go out. netra throttles Tara and says we didn’t need to slaughter profound. Tara says I didn’t do this. You did. Netra says Arohi isn’t here. she did this. rohi comes in. They put firearms on her and accuse her.

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