Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Netra reveals everything in Deep’s room. She says so deep is responsible for all this? Deep comes in. Netra throttles him and says you attempted killing my dad. How dare you damage my own family. Deep says what are you announcing.. thoughts your language. Tara smirks and says she might be out of deep’s manage. Deep says netra what are you pronouncing. She says i’m going to police.

Netra involves police station. she says deep attacked my father and did all this. you have to arrest him. Virat says you are right. You discovered this rings in his residence but deep is innocent. This man is. they have already arrested a person. He says we determined proofs of this guy attacking your father. You ought to be rather thankful to deep for helping you. Deep is available in. Netra comes and says i’m in reality sorry. I repent what I did. Deep says I must be apologizing you. I did not recognize someone for the first time in existence. i was looking for someone who wasn’t egocentric. someone who might apprehend me. however you aren’t that person. He walks away. Netra says sir please pardon me. i am sorry please. He walks on the street. A truck is coming closer to Deep. Netra saves him. she says i’m really sorry. Thank God you’re ok. a person says Arohi wake up. He has electric powered rods in hand. He says those who paid me to keep you here don’t want you anymore. He comes towards Arohi with a rod. Aroi says don’t hit me please.

Tara asks servant to prepare for the features. Wasu says what is all this for? She says i am marrying deep on twentieth march. SHe says deliver me benefits. Come shop with me. Wasu says our alternatives are distinctive so we higher now not keep with each different. Tara puts knife on her throad and says higher revel in this wedding or what can Tara do.

Deep comes home. He says ma are you ok? Wasu says sure i am. Tara says to Virat why did you do all this? He says I did all this to prevent. Deep is fooling you. Deep comes and says I don’t love that netra. i’m doing all this for our destiny. Why don’t you apprehend. Do something to forestall this wedding, if you succeed i will marry you however in case you fail, i’m able to marry Netra. right here is the cardboard.
someone kidnaps Netra’s brother.

Netra says to deep i am so sorry. I didn’t apprehend you. Netra’s mom calls. She says a person took your broter. . Netra says sir I should pass. Deep says where are you going? a person calls Netra and says in case you want your brother again, cross away from deep.

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