Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Scene 1

Deep says tell me what happened.. She says my mom I should run. She shoves deep and runs.
Tara stops Netra and says it’s mehndi.

where are you going? come allow’s positioned mehndi. She says i’ve a few family trouble. Tara says get lost Deep comes downstairs. Tara says groom.. Mehndi isn’t over. wherein are you going. He says I understand you’re at the back of all this. Tara says i’m in the back of you. Deep leaves.

Tara stops Wasu and says wherein are you going? Come dance with me. Wasu says forestall all this. you did this to Netra. Tara says i’m your DIL why are you considering an intruder.
Deep comes to Netra’s house He says inform me what passed off.

She says pass from here. since you came in my life these kinds of issues started. Your family is doing all this. i’m able to go away this city. you are causing all this problem. I dont’ knoww what to do. Deep says i am answerable for all this. due to me your brother is abducted.

I didn’t realize tara would slump this low. she is dazed. She says why tara? Deep says i love you and she or he is jealous of you. Netra is dazed. Deep comes close to Netra. Netra asks deep to go away.

Deep involves his car. He says what an actor i’m. Netra comes going for walks to Deep.
The kidnapper asks Aroh where is that girl and where she lives? Arohi says I recognise nothing about her. He opens her chains. Arohi faints. He calls a person and sayss he fainted. Arohi hits him with his rod.

Scene 2
deep comes to Tara nd says what is this craziness? in case you wanna marry me marry me right now. however dont’ ruin Netra’s life. Tara throttles Netra. She says i’m able to kill you. Deep hits Tara.. He hugs Netra and says are you ok? You ought to move from right here.

Netra is going upstairs.
The kidnapper hits Aroi again. Deep’s guy calls him and says she is with me.
Netra says to dee i am sorry for all that I said. He says it isn’t your fault. it’s far mine. i’m answerable for all your trouble. She says I didn’t suggest that. He says all that I feel for you may be over once I marry Tara. Netra walks out. Deep shuts the door.

Precap-Netra is eaving Deep’s office. Mohan tells her mother deep did all this.


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