Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Deep says Arohi i will defend you from all problem please deliver me that code and locket. Arohi says you are so egocentric. He says please. Deep says come to the celebration ultimate night you’ll have all the solutions.

The celebration starts. Opasna says to deep you think Arohi will come? Deep says she will be able to should.
wasu looks at he container and says Arohi may be killed tonight. My son Raj died due to her. She has to die now.

The birthday celebration starts offevolved. Aroi comes. Deep says I want to make this night special. it is for my wife Arohi. He says tonight you’ll have all of your solutions.

Tara factors gun at Arohi. Laxmi asks waiter to present a drink to Arohi. it spills by mistake. Deep says are you blind. Deep says come lets cut the cake. DEep offers arohi every other dress. Arohi says wy are you doing this? He says please. Arohi is going in. someone faints Laxmi.

Wasu offers Arohi a necklace. Deep makes her wear it. light goes off. DEep says I wanna spend those moments with arohi. She taught me what love is. Arohi and deep cut the cake. Wasu wonders why not anything befell to her. Wasu see the box. someone changed the necklace.

Smoke flickers within the corridor. anybody rushes out. Arohi and depp come to a room.
Wasu in fainted in a room. Virat and Opsan see her. Virat says open your eyes.
Deep says if I didn’t do that someone else might have and such a lot of people might have died. Arohi says what do you mean. He says pass from right here right now. Arohi says promise me you’ll inform me everything true. Deep hugs Arohi. He says I should do what I have to do. Arohi runs. someone hits her head and she or he faints.

Deep sees Arohi ropes and says who did this.Deep places gas round her. Arohi says why are you doing this deep. What are you doing. He says I stored you each time and you called me devil. so that you better see me as satan. ARohi says how can you try this. He says i will. He burns the room round her. Arohi screams.

Precap:- Arohi is burning. anyone celebrates.


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