Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

The person shoots tara. She tumbles down. Tara says you did this. He consumes Tara and leaves. Arohi gets a call from police. Somebody says to her come to police headquarters. Tara is killed. Arohi says what.. She is stunned. Arohi takes a gander at Tara’s photograph and says Tara you… Arohi comes ground floor. Wasu says who called her here. Auditor says I called her. All of you must be here for Tara’s case’s examination. I am auditor Ranbir Khurana. Netra says yet.. He says I just came. We will gab. His men acquire an observer box.

Ranbir says all of you should think what’s happening with I? Examination ought to be entertaining. He says you look upset arohi. We should begin with you. Ranbir says do you question somebody? She says I dont’ know. He says it could be. Arohi says for what reason would I execute her? Ranbir says you and she both adored profound. Both of you had same face. Arohi says I never needed to do this to her. We despised one another yet I would not like to murder her.

Profound says Tara you ought to have tuned in to me. You would do anything for me however wont hear me out. I am certain Aorhi is in charge of this. Wasu is going upstairs. Ranbir says you can’t go anyplace without examination. He says what was your relatio with Tara? She says Tara resembled a little girl to me. Ranbir asks Netra where did you see her? SHe says I saw her going out. I never needed to execute her. Ranbir says she cherished your better half. Rambir says to Deep you are left. Profound says what do you mean. she was near me. For what reason would I slaughter you.

Ranbir says Arohi you play Tara and I will play Deep. You run.. He says Tara had a go at running from profound and he got her. She heard something profound was plotting. Profound says what are you saying. I didn’t assault her. I will discover who murdered her. Ranbir says imagine a scenario in which it is you. Profound says on the off chance that you are finished with cross examination please go.

Arohi asks why netra lied. She goes to Netra’s room and discovers Tara’s telephone. She says for what reason does Netra have Tara’s telephone?

Arohi goes to that place. She endeavors to search for a proof. Arohi discovers something and says this implies.. It was Deep.

Precap Upcoming Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode Update: Arohi says I have confirmation. Profound executed Tara


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