Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Deep goes to an emergency clinic as comedians. Netra is there as well. They enter the emergency clinic. Everybody attempts to stop them. A specialist says this is an emergency clinic. Deep sees Tara on bed. Ranbir sees Deep. He removes his jokester. Sheera says to Deep it’s finished. Arohi and Netra are there too as comedians. They go to Tara’s room.

The court hearing begins. Deep’s legal counselor says there is no confirmation against Deepp. What’s more, tara who was improving needed to come here. Ranbir says somebody has hijacked Tara. Deep says Arohi assaulted Tara not me. aroi says for what reason would I. He is lying. Deep says had reasons. I have proofs. They shook hands. They arranged against me yet Tara let me know everything. This made arohi furious and she executed Tara. She consumed that place. Arohi says he is lying. Deep says I am the observer. Arohi says you can’t see you are visually impaired. Deep says I was there. I saw everything. Deep says I am not visually impaired. Everybody is stupified. Deep says I can see everything like you. He says to shield myself from such homicide endeavors I needed to spare myself. Judge says discover tara. We will do next hearing after she is found.

Arohi says Deep you can stoop so low. Wasu says to Deep are you secure with what you said. He says yes. Arohi sits in her room. She says I saw Deep. He can’t lie this. Somenoe hits Deep. They take him to an emergency clinic. They take Deep for an eye transplant.

The court hearing begins. The legal counselor says Deep needs to demonstrate in the event that he is visually impaired or not. Deep tells everybody shade of their garments. He peruses names on name plates. Deep’s legal advisor says Deep is blameless. Deep reviews his transplant was finished. HIs eyes hurt. Deep asked specialist who did this? He said I can’t let you know. Arohi says this man is tricking everybody. He slaughtered tara. Deep says you murdered Tara. Demonstrate in the event that you didn’t.

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