Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Deep is hitting punching bag. Wasu says are you missing Arohi? He says you have got made your son of stone. I haven’t any feelings now. Arohi is int temple she says why do I experience like some thing is wrong. Arohi sees Deep and Tara’s flight tickets. Tara sees Deep and Arohi’s flight tickets. She says deep fooled me over again for that Arohi.
Arohi says God supply me power to face what is inaccurate. He fooled me every time I trustedd him.

Tara comes to deep and says what is this? you are going with Arohi? For her you fooled me once more. She has roped deep. Deep says open my ropes first. Tara says supply me my solutions first. Deep says wonder how this dead lady can visit South Africa? Open my ropes first i can give you all the answers. She opens the ropes.

Virat asks Opasna to prevent and puts a gun on her. Deep says fact is Arohi is alive I didn’t permither die.
Opasna says what came about? Virat says we must be extra smart than deep. If deep fools us this time will kill him.
Deep says she thinks I kept her alive due to the fact I cherished her. however we’re poles aside. She isn’t for me. you are. Tara hugs her. He says I needed these diamonds. Arohi hears the entirety. Deep tests. He says I notion a person was ere. Deep suggests Tara passport of Arohi. He says that isher call and your passport. this is your identification to go out of here. TAra says thanks so much. She says i can move where you are. Virat looks at them. He says are they each collectively again?

Deep stopped via Raj. He says what recreation are you gambling now. Deep takes the gun and says i defeat you in any recreation so don’t be clever with me.
Arohi remembers her moments with Dee. She burns his image. She says sufficientyou’ve gotperformed with my emotions plentyno longer anymore. Deep involves Arohi. She offers him drink and comes close to him. They dance collectively and deep faints. Arohi mixed something in his drink. She says now you see what I do with you.

Precap-Deep reads letter from Arohi. She says i’ve needed you could die for. Deep says most effectiveone of us might be alive this recreation now.


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