Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Deep says Arohi you made a mistake. You woke a slumbering lion. nobody can prevent from me now.
Virat comes to Tara nad says in which is deep? Does Tara say why are you asking me? Opasna says you can’t idiot us. tara throttles her and says I can cut you into pieces. Virat says Arohi is alive and you knew this. Why is he doing all this? he is fooling you once more.

Aroh is in the avenue. Tara comes toward her with striking rope. She remembers Arohi and Deep together. Tara hits her and says I won’t leave you. she throttles Aroi with rope. Tara says you got here close to my deep. Arohi says he is not any one’s deep. He most effective fools human beings. Tara says close up he’s mine. Arohi says he is just a devil. Tara is about to hit arohi with an axe. Tara says you may come close to my deep. She leaves.

Wasu is in a dark room. She sees a lifeless body. Wasu is going near it. it’s far deep’s. Wasu screams. everyone comes and laughs at her. she wakes up. It changed into a dream. Wasu says please save my deep God.

Virat hundreds his gun. Wasy comes and says you are going to harm my son? I won’t ever permit anything to show up to him. Virat says your son may even idiot you. he is a demon. Wasu slaps him.

Deep calls Arohi and says I recognize you’ve got the hate of hearth. I can locate you anywhere. I understand you wanna kill me. but the best one people could be alive in this game. Arohi says I am equipped. Deep says this would be the actual test. Wasu comes and says I am scared for you. Deep hugs him and says everything could be determined tonight. Deep leaves.

Tara comes to deep and says I will go along with you. Deep cuts her and says nobody could are available this sport. Virat shoots her foot. Tara says Virat you.

ARohi takes her gun. Arohi says your recreation would be over tonight deep.

Virat says you can’t fool us. we will see this recreation.

Precap:- Wasu tries to stop Arohi. She reaches where deep needed to come.


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