Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Chakor says to Anjy you’re drunk. Anju says you appear to be my mom. Don’t inform mother Mohini sees them. Tara and Mohini disguise under desk. Chakor comes with water. Anjy isn’t there. she seems for Anjy..

Anju’s mother says what’s the plan? Tara says we aren’t successful. Mohini’s worker comes and says where is my price? She opens the ground. The female falls underneath ground and a crocodile there eats her. She says that is my weapon.

Netra is dancing. Chakor is seeking out Anju. Anju says i’m right here. Mohini says i will send you to my daughter. Chakor falls down. Mohini calls Poman and says i’ve killed chakor and anjy. Ponam says what daughter? Mohini says her daughter. Mohhini says that’s my daughter. she comes and slaps Mohini. Ponam says where is my daughter. Mohini says you ruined my plan. you’ll additionally die with your daughter. She throws ponam beneath groud too.

Wasu isn’t well. Deep calls health practitioner. A nurse comes. Deep holds her hand and says arohi. it’s far a person else. Jatin says this isn’t Arohi. Dee says I realize she is arohi. He says you wont be capable of come among me and my wife Netra. The girl says i am not Arohi. She says i can’t work here. She leaves. Deep says how could I leave out.

Netra calls her mother. Her cellphone falls. she sees a paper underneath mattress. It’s Arohi wirtten with blood. Netra is dazed.

The nurse comes to Arohi and says I used your fragrance. He harassed me with you. Arohi says nicely accomplished. She gives her money. Arohi says i’m coming Deep.

Precap Upcoming Ishq Mein Marjawan episode update: Arohi says to deep you took the whole thing from me. Now your turn.


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