Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Deep shoves Arohi and says go from here. Don’t come between me and my spouse. You fooled me in your love and now Netra. you’ve got ruined my life. Deep says I didn’t do anything with you. ANd you can’t do anything to me. Tara appears at them and says she is doing what I had to do. Welcome Arohi.
Deep throttles Arohi. Arohi thrtottles him too. Wasu comes and says Arohi go away him. i have requested you live far from my son’s existence. have you long gone crazy? Arohi says you have been begging for his existence the day past and now shouting? Wasu says I make an apology on his behalf but go away from his life. you are ruining his married lifestyles. Deep says we don’t want to beg to er. Wasu says I recognise what to do. Arohi says your son is devil. Wasu shoves her out of the house nd says don’t ever come here once more. Arohi says you can’t stop me. no one can save him from me. he is a devil. Wasu locks the door.

Netra is crying. She recollects Deep with Arohi. She says why did you try this Deep? Deep calls Netra however she doesn’t choose. Jatin says she isn’t at her place. deep says where can she pass. search for her. deep continues calling her. Deep asks Wasu in which is entra? She isn’t in her mother’s house. Please call her. while she selections we will tune her place. Wasu calls Netra. She alternatives. Wasu says wherein are you? all and sundry is worried for you. Netra says till matters are clean I wont come again. Your son loves Arohi. Wasu says this become Arohi’s plot. Deep only loves you. Wasu hangs up. Jatin says we found her region.n

Wasu says to Deep Netra is sincerely harm. you need to win her returned. Jatin goes to Netra’s region however someone hits him. Deep sits inside the car. Arohi is driving rather than Jatin. DEep realizes it’s Aroho. He runs from the automobile.

Deep coems to Netra. He says what you noticed changed into a lie. SHe says i’m able to’t live like this. I deserve to recognize the entirety. Deep says NEtra please come with me. Deep says is there someone else apart from you here? She says no. go away me alone. Deep hugs her. He says I truly love you. Tara comes there. Deep says Netra who is right here?

Precap Upcoming Ishq Mein Marjawan episode update: Netra comes returned home and sees Deepp with Arohi again.


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