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Raj says I knew you’ll come here due to the fact i’ve all the solutions and no longer your deep. She says tell me what the secret’s and the way are you associated with all this. He says no trusting your deep anymore? She says deep is hiding from me so there must be a cause in the back of it. So tell me. He says I need that locket first. Se says what in case you idiot me. He says you have no different option. you have best five minutes. She places gun on him. She says sufficient and tell me. He says this wont scare me. but I think I should inform you. after I tell you this secret there might be a strom in so many lives. someone factors gun at Raj. He sees. a person shoots aroi turns back. Deep takes Raj from there.

Deep wakes raj up in the automobile. He says what did you assert in the front of Arohi? I wont allow arohi be worried in all this. got it? lights turn off. Arohi says who turned into Virat comes to deep. He didn’t see raj. Deep says pass and do your duty. Virat get sa calll and leaves. raj is going somewhere. Deep says in which i did he go.

A letter is on Arohi’s letter. It says there may be one man or woman most effective who can inform you that mystery. come to this cope with. Arohi wonders who left this letter. She leaves. Deep calls arohi however she doesn’t pick out.

Wasy involves guru ma. She throttles her. She says individuals who can’t do their work, they must be killed. Guru ma says I attempted to forestall her.

Tara says to Virat and opasna if Arohi receives to recognize we are able to be in problem.

Wasu says we can all be dead if Arohi gets to know the truth. Tara says Arohi has to die. a person calls Arohi and says your lifestyles is in trouble. Be careful. Aroi sees a person ina c automobile. the man points gun at her. She runs. Arohi fools the person. The masked man calls someona dn says there may be risk on each step. Arohi involves that cope with. She is going upstairs. Arohi opens the door and goes in. there may be an old girl together with her eyes closed. Arohi involves a room. The vintage woman takes to the air her wig. She calls a person and says she is here. Arohi is in a darkish room. She says Tirvedi? a person enters the room. Arohi turns again.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap:

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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