Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Neeta Comes To Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Deep is doing workout. Tara comes and hugs him.

Deep’s man comes outdoor neeta’s house. Her mom catches him stealing her paper. the man runs. She says why this man steals our paper each day? Neeta says ma don’t fear about it. it’s far just paper.
Neeta’s mom says right here is the vaccancy. You must practice. Her dad says you dont must. Se says yea we will die hunry. Neeta says i can do it. Her dad says in case you don’t find it irresistible then dojn’t do it.

Neeta searches for Deep online but she can’t find whatever. Neeta comes to Deep’s residence. His guy asks her to sit. Neeta sees tara. She doesn’t see her face. Neeta goes to Deep’s room.

Tara says close up. who’s that female and why is deep after her.

The woman enters the house. She says is a person here? Deep says i’m right here. tell me about your self. He says stand like you’re. She says i’m neeta. i’ve executed my BA. He says tell me about your appearance. She tells her height. He says I wanna understand more. She says excuse me? She sees deep’s face and says you are the one who became drowning. I known as police to prevent. How did you keep your self? He says inform me about yourself. She says what do you need to know? Why are you asking all this. he is taking out his stick. Neeta says he is blind?

Tara and virat enter the residence. Tara says wasu said she doesn’t realize where deep is. She suggests him pix of the new female. She says what is going on in his thoughts who is this woman? Virat says he continually fools you. She says no one can take my vicinity in his lifestyles. I wanna realize who he is. Virat says why have to help you in that? She says you’re alive due to me or deep could have killed you. Virat says he could by no means have.

Tara says who’re you. Why are you in my existence.

Neeta says I didn’t recognise you can’t see. He says i was asking all that so i can see you from heart. He hugs her and says this is how I recognize people. He tells her how she appears. He says you can move now. Take your appointment letter. Neeta says thank you for giving me the process. Deep says it isn’t always easy to work with me. now not quite a few humans will be my PA. He says in heart however you are supposed to be. that is what I had constantly desired.

Arohi enters a room. Her foot is chained. Arohi takes off tile from wall after which bricks. She says i will get out of here at any cost. Speaker says hi, what are you doing.

Precap: Neeta involves paintings with deep.


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