Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Deep appears for Netra. He says where did she pass? Wasu says what took place? He says searching out Netra. He says has she left the residence again? Wasu says no she promised me she wont ever leave the house. perhaps she went out for some paintings. Don’t fear. Tara isn’t domestic either. Did you recognize Arohi turned into alive? Arohi looks at them and says you speak and give out all of the secrets. i’ve fixed a mic to your sheet. Deep leaves. Arohi wonders if deep is even blind or not. She says i will in no way understand what you need. what is your task. You tried killing me that day? you probably did all tthis. How do i find out what reality is. I need to find out this mystery first.

Netra comes home. Tara says Monika.. Netra turns lower back. Tara hides, Netra says who took this call. Tara is going after and attempts hitting her with a rod. Netra grasps it and says you could’t assault me. Tara says you are not what you seem like. there is something at the back of this innocent face. tell me who you’re. what’s at the back of this face. Are you fooling me with deep? Netra says I dont’ realize what are you pronouncing. you recognize why am I doing all tis. Tara says you go away the residence in mystery. tell me what is fact. Netra says I went to discover about deep. I have no plan to idiot you. Tara says in case you dare you could get killed. Netra calls someone and says we need to be cautious. we can’t meet like this. i’m able to let ou recognise what to do next.

Deep calls someone and says don’t fear for me. Come returned soon. Arohi comes in place of his servant and mixes something in his tea. Arohi says now i’m able to understand if you are blind or now not. Deep selections the tea. He gets a call and says don’t fear. Be there on time. Deep leaves the cup and says Mahesh carry another tea this isn’t warm sufficient. Arohi says if he can see.. Shera is available in. Arohi hides. Deep says time to take it to its right region. Be ready for the assembly the following day. Arohi wonders what assembly is he speakme about.

Tara sees video on Netra’s room. She says i have a camera to your oom. i will’t agree with you. Netra gets a call and says i am coming with the field. Noo you will understand what’s in it. We have to take it to its proper region.

Netra comes to the person. She gies him the container. it’s empty. He says wherein is it? Netra says this isn’t viable.

Arohi is retaining a watch on you. eDeep meets a guy and asys get it achieved today. someone on a motorcycle comes and takes a packet from Deep’s hand.

Precap Upcoming Ishq Mein Marjawan Episode Update: Everybody prepares for the meeting


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