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Zara says to Kabir that i am going to Salma’s house, she must be worried. Kabir says ok, i will drop you.

Zara and Kabir are in automobile. Zara says you didnt have to drop me. Kabir says your protection is my obligation. Zara says you’ll select me from sharia board too on twelfth? Kabir glares at her.

Salma prays to God for Zara and Kabir. She receives name from Ayesha. Ayesha says Zara is coming there, try to make her recognize, Kabir promised that if Zara is going to sharia board for Kausar then he wont see her face again, please ask her to store her marriage, she cries and ends call.

Zara says to Kabir that why you’re worried about me? you wouldnt realize where i’m after days, you promised due to your ego. Kabir says no, you cant permit this relation damage like this.

Zara receives emotional and receives down from automobile. She cries and appears away. Kabir pulls her nearer. Zara says our stunning relation is breaking because of you, if it takes place then I wont forgive you. Kabir says you allow this relation spoil then i’m able to never forgive you. He pulls her and hugs her, mere sang plays. He kisses her brow, they each cry.

Shahbaz tells Ayesha that i am going out, dont worry. Shahbaz asks driver to take him to one deal with. driver says Zeenat wanted to go to equal cope with.

Kabir drops Zara at Salma’s residence. She says you may come to pick out me? He nods and leaves.

Salma says to Irfan that she is breaking her relation and you are not doing some thing? Zara comes there. Salma says Ayesha referred to as me. Zara hugs her.

Zeenat sees Shahbaz’s car outdoor and thinks i will comply with him. Ayesha asks where are you going? Zeenat says i have to buy some thing, Ayesha nods and leaves. Shahbaz is on name and says to lawyer that Zara doesnt listen to me so get rid of Zara’s name from listing and i can deliver it to pious daughter in regulation, I simply wanted to threaten Zara so dont do whatever, he ends call. Zeenat thinks that I thought he’s upto some thing but its pretty much belongings and will. She involves Shahbaz and asks if he desires tea? He says yes and thinks both are ache for me.

Salma says to Zara that you cant smash your relation due to rights of a few lady. Zara asks Irfan what do you believe you studied? If I need to follow Kabir who’s forcing me to stay back due to a promise or need to I combat for a girl who is relying on me. Irfan says I were given you training, I gave you feel so its your responsibility to discover whats proper route to follow.

Kabir comes to Zara. He asks what did Irfan say? Zara says he requested me to pick for myself, I assume ladies are in jail here, nobody requested you to take your promise returned and store our relation, handiest girls have to save their relations? men dont must do some thing? Kabir is bowled over.

Kabir comes to Zara in room and says I worry about you lots, I noticed you didnt consume. He pulls her nearer but sees papers in his arms. He says you are analyzing Bilal and Kausar’s case? You took your selection? He throws record away and shouts that i’m doing so much for you, I combat for you but you are doing this? I divorce you, divorce you, divorce you.. it seems to be Zara’s dream. She wakes up and sees Kabir praying. She asks him to return to mattress. Kabir says no, permit me pray, I need to keep our relation, i am trying to make Zara no longer visit sharia board, she doesnt care for me. Zara says I care about you lots. She cries and looks away. Zara says Zara wont visit sharia board. Kabir is bowled over. Zara says your Zara wont go to shaira board. She kisses his hand and hugs him.

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In morning, Ayesha asks Zara to keep her marriage, the entirety may be excellent. Zara cries. Zara receives call from girl who says that Kausar got to recognise which you are not preventing her case anymore so she tried to kill herself and her children. Zara is shocked.

Precap Upcoming Ishq Subhan Allah Episode Update: Zara says to Kabir that Kausar tried suicide due to me, best i’m accountable for this, I promised her however backed away, I did a sin so I need to discover a manner to repent. She leaves house.


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