Ishq Subhan Allah 10th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kabir comes there and hears her sobbing. He gives her tissue. She ignores him however he drops at her which says his message. Zara smiles. Messages say that her smile is his the whole thing. Zara attempts to disregard him but he comes infront of her, he wipes her tears. Zara says what? you are horrific, you stated what I couldnt suppose, is love not there? Kabir says you keep our relation, dont come to sharia board, do this to store our relation. Zara says dont you have to guard our relation too? Kabir says goons got here to our house, i am defensive you. Zara says you care about my safety this is why you dont need me to move? if you are worried about my existence then I wont come. Kabir says I informed you that God gave me proper to work outdoor and also you take care of residence,you dont listen and this took place due to that. Zara says Prophet’s spouse used to do commercial enterprise, Islam doesnt stop us then who are you prevent us from running out? Zeenat hears their argument. Kabir says I dont want you to come back to sharia board, will you do that for me? Servant involves Zeenat. Zara and Kabir hears her. Zeenat says I simply added tea.

Kabir involves Shahbaz and says i’m going to police, Zara needs safety. Shahbaz says in case you document a complaint then media will recognise, Zara wont go now as you gave her a promise, i have organized protection for residence.

Zeenat says to Zara that dont go to sharia board in any other case your relation with Kabir will end however if you dont cross then women will assume you’re scared and they’ll blame Kabir. Zara says what are you saying? Zeenat says argue with your husband and loosen up for now. She leaves.

Zeenat comes to her room and says 12 April may be amusing, Zara will visit sharia board and their relation will quit, i’m so glad. Kashan says you’re so poisonous. Zeenat says they destroyed my sister’s lifestyles too, she takes her smartphone from him. He leaves. Zeenat calls Rizwan and says how are you? I need to tell you that Irfan goes to emerge as sharia board head once more on twelfth April, i’ve one extra news but praise me first. Rizwan says dont irritate me, he ends call. Zeenat says he wishes my assist and as soon as my paintings is achieved then i can ship him away too.

Kashan comes to Kabir and says dont worry, your wife is mature and he or she loves you a lot. Kabir says I tried the whole lot however her thoughts are extraordinary, what if she involves sharia board? Kashan says you took many robust choices, i am sure you’ll prevent Zara. He leaves. Shahbaz hears all.

Shahbaz says to himself that I must prevent Zara from going to sharia board in any other case my son’s recognize will be tarnished. Zeenat hides and hears it. Shahbaz calls a goon and tells him a few instructions.

Kabir involves Zara and pulls her from room. Zara says in which? Kabir brings her to terrace and shows her meals. Zara says we had been arguing a lot so I concept to have a meals with you. Zara says its particularly warm here, sun is out. Kabir says i am here too. Zara says i’m a female, i am specific. Kabir says thats what I need to tell you, we have distinctive duties. Kabir says husband wants to provide all luxuries to his wife so spouse wishes to exit and work? spouse must take a seat at domestic and give him peace and happiness in house, dont go to sharia board for me. He places an umbrella over her.

Precap: Zara cries and tells Kabir their stunning relation goes to interrupt because of him most effective, I wont forgive you. Kabir says if you go away then I wont forgive you, he hugs her and cries.


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