Ishq Subhan Allah 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Ayesha brings Kashan and Zeenat. Does Kabir say what are you doing? Ayesha says i’m doing what our Prophet might do, he forgave people who repented their errors, Kashan is in ache, he desires to rejoin his own family so whats awful approximately it? Kabir looks on. Amaan says we are able to consume here. Kashan thank you Ayesha and says i’m sorry, I could be your correct son now. Zeenat sits on eating desk and says we did a mistake, God forgive me. Ayesha says God will listen to you.

Samir says to Salamat that i can kill Irfan. Salamat stops him and says wait. Zeenat says look ahead to the right time, we will entice Kabir and Irfan.

Amir calls Alina and coughs. Does she ask if he is best? he nods. She says to make a few soups and consume it. He says make for me. Alina says I can’t, you go to a medical doctor and take medicine,

she ends name.
At night time, alina is cooking for Amir and is scared. Zeenat hides and sees her, she thinks what is going on? Alina messages Amir that she is coming. She takes basket and leaves. Zeenat appears on.

In morning, Kabir calls guard and asks him to hold an eye on Alina. He involves Zara and says dont go to drop Alina. Zara says you maintain converting your choices. Kabir pulls her closer and says you combat with me so much. Zara says I simply combat for rights, i really like you so much.

Alina is leaving the residence with a basket. Zeenat follows her scooty.

Kabir receives safety’s name. He says your sister reached college, we’re ready outside. Zara asks him who’s calling? Kabir looks on.

Amir meets Alina in college, she offers him food. Zeenat hides and looks on.

Kabir tells Zara that he organized safety for all family contributors. Zara says what? He says sure.

Amir says to Alina that take me on your own family physician. She says no. He says why? are you scared? take me there. Alina says okay include me. Zeenat hears all that.

Ayesha gets Zeenat’s name. She says i am at our medical doctor’s health facility, come here and you can get checked up too,a ask Kabir to drop you. Ayesha ends cthe all and asks Kabir to drop her to ma edical doctor. Zara says i will include you each to fulfil Irfan too. All 3 leave house.

Alina and Amir arrive at a sanatorium on hethe r the Zeenat thinks that the bomb will blast nowadays. Alina meets physician, Alina introduces Amir as Kabir’s friend. health practitioner assessments him.

Ayesha, Kabir ana d Zara arrive at a hospital. Zeenat meets them. they come internally. Kabir is available in and sees Alina. Alina is bowled over to see him. Does he ask what she is doing there? Amir is lying on a mattress. He gets up. Kabir glares at him. Amir smiles.

Pracap:- Kabir says to Zara which you assume i’m incorrect? In all this? Zeenat says to Kashan that Irfan has alternatives, either bring fact out of this fake nikah or combat with Kabir.

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