Ishq Subhan Allah 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ayesha asks Kabir that take a gander at this photograph, it’s not possible for anyone to believe that you both are independent, she will be offended now and you think its nothing? Kabir says on the off chance that my folks are miserable to see this, at that point Zara should get going however a ton. Ayesha says think regarding Irfan and Salma, either this photograph isn’t right or your separation, acknowledge your wrongdoing and express sorry to learn and his family.

Salma says to Irfan that why Kabir needs to discolor our picture this way? Kabir calls Irfan and says I realize you are miffed with me yet it was not our deficiency, we just met there, its not Zara’s flaw, they need to discolor her picture. Irfan says I confide in her totally, you chose to separate from her then you avoid her. Kabir says you are correct, I will attempt my best to stay away, Irfan closures call. Salma says Zara ought to comprehend society as well. Irfan says take a gander at this photograph, our girl is so content with Kabir. Salma says she is here now in life along these lines. Irfan says I need to take choice which I dont need to.

Zara gets back home. Azra demonstrates her news and says Kabir called Irfan, he was furious. Irfan comes to Zara and says where were you? Zara says I was going to meet you at ATM however at that point.. she lets him know everything and says this isn’t right news. Irfan says truly, I believe you however do you confide in myself? Zara says yes. Irfan says then we will take choice for you, you need to guarantee me that you won’t acknowledge Kabir once more, you will separate from him, guarantee me that you won’t be passionate and can stay upbeat without him. Zara says I dont need to return to him. Irfan says then demonstrate that you are Zara who takes choices from heart and proceed onward. He leaves.

Kabir is in room and miss Zara. Otherside Zara cries and miss him as well. Naina plays as they review their minutes together. Zara says to Azra that in the event that I give my guarantee to Irfan, at that point all entryways back to Kabir are shut for me.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that individuals are chuckling at us. Kabir says I am simply going to work. They see Kashan getting back home and is in dismal state. Kashan says everything is done, I was settling the arrangement however all cash is no more. Shahbaz says you both are useless.Rizwan says to his man that Shahbaz snapped this picture to affront his child? Shahbaz will attempt to isolate Zara and Kabir yet I will continue uniting them, Shahbaz then will attempt assault Zara yet he will erroneously murder his own child.

Precap: Wasim calls Kabir and Zara and instruct them to meet him for a venture. Rizwan comes to site and says Zara and Kabir wont probably leave this site and Shahbaz will be in charge of this. He begins fire at site. Zara is bolted inside. Kabir sees her and races to break the entryway.


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