Ishq Subhan Allah 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shahbaz calls and says Kabir and Zara left from here, do anything besides dont hurt Kabir.

Kabir and Zara are in vehicle. They review Kabir’s guarantee. Shahbaz’s goon is tailing them in another vehicle and goes for Zara. Vehicle stops at flag is going to shoot however Kabir heads out.

Kabir and Zara goes to sharia board. Goon comes there yet is late.

Zara opens entryway for Kabir. Kabir reviews how he implored her to spare their connection. Zara embraces Kabir and kisses his hand. She swings to leave however Kabir holds her hand.. he abandons it sooner or later. Zara takes a seat and ties his shoe ribbon and rectifies his neckline. she leaves. Kabir looks on.

Zara comes to Irfan. He embraces her. Zara takes a seat and says you constantly gotten me, I am not here on the grounds that I question your choice, I couldnt disregard Kausar. Irfan says I am glad that you are my girl.

Case begins, Kabir says we have reached resolution that Bilal’s children will ponder where Kausar needs and he will pay their expenses and Kausar will find employment elsewhere and remain at home. Zara says its not about charges of children, its their entitlement to work and gain for their children. Kabir says I have disclosed to you ordinarily, spouse need to acquire and wife need to deal with house. Zara says spouse needs to satisfy his obligations when his better half is working so they have appropriate to work. Kabir says they need to take consent from spouses. Zara says however spouse need to deny them each and every time? Kabir says no. Zara says ladies were working 1400 years back, our Prophet never prevented his better half from working and exchanging. Kabir says today ladies’ wellbeing is stake. Zara says however it doesnt mean you remove their rights. She enlightens realities concerning ladies who worked with Prophet in wars. Zara says were they not part of our history/Kabir says they do. Zara says Allah have revealed to us that anybody’s hardwork satisfies, we are every one of the whole gang are equivalent in Allah’s eyes. Zara makes Kabir reveal to certain refrains of Quran and says God says that he needs individuals to pay Zakat, he doesnt state just men need to work and pay zakat, ladies can work and pay zakat to poor as well, Islam enables ladies to work, it enables them to be fruitful, Kausar needs rights which Allah have given her, she has faculties to deal with work and house both, Islam doesnt prevent ladies from working then who is Bilal? I think Kausar ought to get appropriate to work. All look on. Irfan says Islam enables ladies to work, Kabir is correct that spouses need to secure their wives yet they cannot remove their rights so.. Kausar has ideal to work and can proceed with her activity, this will be reported. All applaud him. Kabir takes a gander at Zara and applauds her. Zara is in tears.

Man says to Kabir that dont be miserable, you even yielded your connection for this case. Rizwan is furious and says I can do anything besides Kabir’s fame continue expanding.

Zara leaves sharia load up. Snipper is sitting tight for her. Ladies accumulate around Zara. Kabir pivots and sees snipper in another structure going to shoot Zara. Kabir keeps running towards Zara and shouts. He runs however gets hit by a vehicle. Zara shouts Kabir.. Kabir tumbles down. Its Rizwan who have hit Kabir with his vehicle. Zara rushes to Kabir however shooter shoots in her arm. She blacks out. Kabir sees her getting shot and hurries to her. Zara grins at him. Rizwan sees them and swings to hit again yet Kabir pushes Zara away and gets hit via vehicle once more. Shooter sees Zara running towards Kabir and shoots her in chest once more. They both take a gander at one another and tumble down. Mera jahan.. affirmative khuda plays. Zara falls on Kabir. They review their minutes together.

Precap: After one year, Zara and Kabir live independently. Zara’s auntie reveals to her that her separation offer will be concluded tomorrow. Zara says congratulations to him also for opportunity. Zeenat reveals to Kabir that he will get opportunity tomorrow. Kabir says Zara must be glad.


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