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Kabir and Zara are in automobile. They don’t forget Kabir’s promise. Shahbaz’s goon is following them in any other vehicle and objectives at Zara. car stops at sign is about to shoot however Kabir drives away.

Kabir and Zara is going to sharia board. Goon comes there but is late.Zara opens door for Kabir. Kabir recalls how he begged her to store their relation. Zara hugs Kabir and kisses his hand. She turns to leave however Kabir holds her hand.. he leaves it after a while. Zara sits down and ties his shoe lace and straightens his collar. she leaves. Kabir seems on.

Zara involves Irfan. He hugs her. Zara sits down and says you constantly understood me, i am not here because I doubt your selection, I couldnt go away Kausar by myself. Irfan says i am proud that you are my daughter.

Case starts, Kabir says we have come to conclusion that Bilal’s kids will look at where Kausar wants and he can pay their charges and Kausar will go away her job and live at domestic. Zara says its now not about costs of kids, its their right to work and earn for their youngsters. Kabir says i have informed you regularly, husband should earn and spouse should cope with house.

Zara says husband has to satisfy his responsibilities when his spouse is running so they have proper to work. Kabir says they need to take permission from husbands. Zara says however husband need to deny them each single time? Kabir says no. Zara says girls have been running 1400 years again, our Prophet never stopped his wife from running and buying and selling. Kabir says these days ladies’s protection is stake. Zara says but it doesnt mean you do away with their rights. She tells statistics about ladies who labored with Prophet in wars.

Zara says had been they not part of our records/ Kabir says they do. Zara says Allah have informed us that anybody’s hardwork can pay off, we’re all every body are equal in Allah’s eyes. Zara makes Kabir tell a few verses of Quran and says God says that he wishes people to pay Zakat, he doesnt say handiest guys need to paintings and pay zakat, ladies can paintings and pay zakat to terrible too, Islam lets in girls to paintings, it allows them to be successful,

Kausar wishes rights which Allah have given her, she has senses to deal with paintings and residence both, Islam doesnt stop girls from working then who’s Bilal? I suppose Kausar need to get right to work. All appearance on. Irfan says Islam lets in women to paintings, Kabir is right that husbands need to protect their better halves but they cant put off their rights so.. Kausar has proper to work and may hold her activity, this may be introduced. All clap for him. Kabir seems at Zara and claps for her. Zara is in tears. guy says to Kabir that dont be sad, you even sacrificed your relation for this situation.

Rizwan is irritated and says i will do something but Kabir’s recognition hold growing.

Zara comes out of sharia board. Snipper is watching for her. ladies gather around Zara. Kabir turns round and sees snipper in every other building about to shoot Zara. Kabir runs toward Zara and screams. He runs however receives hit by a automobile. Zara screams Kabir.. Kabir falls down. Its Rizwan who’ve hit Kabir together with his automobile. Zara runs to Kabir but shooter shoots in her arm. She faints. Kabir sees her getting shot and runs to her. Zara smiles at him. Rizwan sees them and turns to hit once more however Kabir pushes Zara away and gets hit by means of car once more. Shooter sees Zara walking toward Kabir and shoots her in chest again. They each examine each different and give way. Mera jahan.. aye khuda plays. Zara falls on Kabir. They keep in mind their moments together.

Precap: After 365 days, Zara and Kabir stay one after the other. Zara’s aunt tells her that her divorce enchantment might be finalized the next day. Zara says congrats to him as nicely for freedom. Zeenat tells Kabir that he’ll get freedom tomorrow. Kabir says Zara should be satisfied.

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Ishq Subhan Allah 16 April 2019
Ishq Subhan Allah 16th April 2019
Ishq Subhan Allah 16 April
Ishq Subhan Allah 16th April


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