Ishq Subhan Allah 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sai’s spirit helps Chihu on her supplication and leaves favoring her. Srikanth supposes he ought to have comprehended that Sai more likely than not helped Chihu. Anta and Panta shoo away all observers. Sai’s spirit returns back to his body. Sai picks water from lake in a pot and water twirls. Rukmini brings Chihu and Govinda home. Kulkarni shouts at her Chihu that she offended him before entire town and did not made a fuss over his pride. Chihu goes up against that that it is additionally sibling’s obligation to secure his sister and he flopped in it, he overlooked all the rakshsa bandan and bhai dooj ceremonies she performed on him. She was a trick that her sibling cherishes and ensures her, yet rather he made a joke out of sibling sister relationship and flopped wretchedly; when he didn’t support her, Sai helped her; he generally lied that Sai is a cheat, however truth his he is god send and daada/Kulkarni is swindler. Kulkarni yells no one set out to claim him, she can’t be his sister, he breaks their relationship and says they are not kin now, it is his home and not widow home. He calls Anta and Panta and requests to make game plans to send widow Chihu to widow home to go through rest of her time on earth there. Rukmini demands him to think tranquilly by what means will Govinda remain in widow home. Kulkarni says Chihu’s discipline is she will avoid her child perpetually and till she is sent to widow home, she ought not escape her room.

Govinda demands Rukmini to call Keshav bhaiya. Rukmini says regardless of whether she sends him a message now, he will come just by tomorrow first thing. Govinda hurries to Dwarkamayi and calls Sai. He cries not discovering Sai there and thinks this is occurring in light of the fact that his dad is demise. His tears fall on earth. Rukmini strolls into Chihu’s room and says she can see how it feels avoiding child, however she need not stress as she consider both Keshav and Govinda as her children and will dependably deal with Govinda. Chihu embraces Rukmini and inquires as to why she is evening after she pained her to such an extent. Chihu quiets her down and requests to implore Sai at whatever point she is strained and trains her Sai’s encouraged mantra Ram Krishna Hari.

Kulkarni goes into flashback where he plays holi with Chihu, she says he deals with her so well and he says she is his dearest sister. He at that point thinks back Chihu standing up to him and saying when he didn’t support her, Sai helped her. Sai comes back to Dwarkamayi and seeing water on steps contacts it and pictures Govinda crying. He supposes Govinda ought not fear distresses as it is streaming waterway and will achieve sea soon. Srikanth strolls to him. He without seeing Srikanth says he realizes that he is stressed over Chihu and Govinda. Srikanth says he can’t endure seeing them being pained by dear ones and approaches Sai for exhortation. Sai says he ought to sit under a tree calmy with shut eyes and discover arrangement himself.

Anta and Panta illuminate Kulkarni about sun powered overshadowing. Kulkarni orders Rukmini to bring Chihu. She argues to reconsider. He hollers to be in her breaking points and simply comply with his requests. Chihu is occupied with reciting Ram Krishna Hari when Rukmini vulnerably strolls to her and cuts her down. Govinda contradicts, yet Anta and Panta get him and state they can’t ignore sarkar. Kulkarni cautions Chihu to sit in palanquin quietly, else he will drive her. She obeys him and keeps reciting Ram Krisha Hari. Govinda nibbles Anta’s hand and keeps running towards palanquin. Srikanth thinks under tree and envisions Chihu and Govinda playing around him. Sai sprinkles water in bowl and says now dark mists have cleared and cool water will fall on everybody. Water falls on Chihu, Govinda, and Srikanth’s hands. Srikanth hears Govinda’s voice and strolls toward its. Govinda comes to close palanquin and argues Kulkarni to save his aayi. Srikanth likewise comes to there. Govinda runs and embraces him and argues to help him as no one causes him. Srikanth guarantees no one will isolate him from his mom. Kulkarni cautions Srikanth to clear out, else he will confront critical outcomes; an untouchable can’t meddle in my family issues. Srikanth envisions his dead spouse Radha asking him not to isolate this child from his mom, else he will bite the dust. He says he will wed Govinda’s mom and give her the regard she merits. All townspeople stand stunned hearing that.

Precap: Kulkarni incites residents to rebuff Srikanth as he is peering toward a widow wrongly. Residents head to hit Srikanth. Sai stops them and says in the event that they think Srikanth is fouling up by offering admiration to Chihu, he himself will drop Chihu to widow home.


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