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Zara is getting Alina ready for marriage. They recall how Amir left the city and the way Zara requested her to speak up soon. guests come to the residence. Zeenat asks Zara to bring Alina down. Alina hugs Zara and says stop Amir. Zara says why? your thought is anticipating you. Alina hugs her and says I love him, I don’t recognize how I fell in love with Amir, I keep considering him, I laugh at his jokes, I need to spend my existence with him. Zara says move and informs your brother, folks who love don’t get scared, simply inform him, I’m with you. Alina nods and leaves.

Zara calls Kabir and says I need to talk to you, Kabir says I’m coming.

Alina is going down, however, sees Kabir arising. She seems on. Zara comes there too. Kabir smiles looking at Alina. Kabir says wow you look very excellent, Alina cries. Kabir hugs her and says I am very glad to see you all grown up. Alina stops him and says I am now not going there. Kabir says I am with you. Alina says I don’t receive this wedding, I need to marry Amir. Kabir is taken aback and leaves her hand. Kabir glares at her and says say it again? Alina appears at him and says I need to marry Amir. Kabir glares at Zara. Zara attempts to speak to him however he looks away and fumes in anger. Kabir says to Zara which you did this presently, I can’t force her as she is my sister, take her to her room, I want to speak to you, you live there. Zeenat comes there and says they’re calling Alina there. Kabir says there can be no ceremony, my sister likes Amir. Zeenat says what? why didn’t she inform before? Kabir says shall we send them returned with admire then we are able to talk to Alina. She asks Alina to leave, she leaves. Does Zeenat say what we can inform to visitors? I can inform them that she isn’t always feeling nice. Kabir says inform them fact, I’m against a lie, God doesn’t allow it. Zeenat thinks that if Alina doesn’t marry this guy then my plan will fail. She tries to forestall Kabir however he leaves.

Kabir comes in a corridor and sees family there. He says sorry to Anas and family. He says Alina declined this proposal, I am sorry, I didn’t recognize this earlier than.

Alina says to Zara that I’m now not ready to marry everybody other than Amir, the circle of relatives won’t pay attention to me, you will be with me? Zara says I’m with you but give yourself time.

Anas’s father says to Kabir that it’s correct you informed me reality, its God’s will. Anas says to Kabir that this is ordinary in recent times, it’s excellent that Alina instructed truth on time, I didn’t feel terrible. Kabir thinks that I desire Alina married him.

Zara says to Alina that we’ve to inform parents approximately your happiness. Alina says they just want me to do as they desire, in the event that they pressure me then I will run away. Zara says to Alina that don’t do something drastic, Kabir is in opposition to love marriages so you need to make him consider that loving someone isn’t incorrect, don’t lose one aspect, you have to maintain your own family and Amir both with you. Zeenat comes there and claps. She says to Zara that you are coaching her all this as you need to store your father’s lie, and he doesn’t lose his role, shame on you, she takes Alina from there and thinks that I won’t permit Alina marry Amir as then Irfan’s nikah will prove to be proper.

Precap:- Zara says to Kabir that love marriages aren’t incorrect. Kabir says they may be not a part of our religion, it doesn’t allow to fulfil na-mehrum human beings, she can marry Anas most effective.

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