Ishq Subhan Allah 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kabir tells controller that somebody doesnt need Zara to turn out to be a piece of that style show that is the reason they seized me. Monitor says we will discover offender soon, he leaves. Kabir asks Ayesha to not stress. Ayesha says individuals are coldblooded, how might they do it? Kabir says somebody shabby can do it, they have no ethics. Shahbaz looks on. Amaan requests that he recount to a story. Kabir leaves with him. Ruksaar eyes Shahbaz.

Salma asks Zara what occurred. Flashback indicates how Zara took her name once more from style show and afterward Kabir called her and advised her to not take her name once again from show. Zara says supervisor sent that email. Kabir says attempt once more. Zara says OK. She converses with director and requests that he set her name back. Kabir comes there. Zara races to him and inquires as to whether he is fine? Kabir tells chief that its significant for her to partake in show, it would be ideal if you returned her name. Chief says I have officially sent mail out so I cannot do anything. He gets a call from head-office. Man says we havent got affirmation email. Director browses and says email didnt go, God needs her to turn out to be a piece of this design appear.

Zara and Kabir sits in vehicle. Zara stops vehicle and brings water for Kabir. He washes his face. She offers him tissue as well. Ishara plays. He expresses gratitude toward her and begins leaving. The two of them go to take a gander at one another. He waves at her and leaves. Flashback closes. Salma and Azra embraces her.

Kabir recounts to a story to Amaan and discloses to him that my companion is near God. Amaan says I need to meet your companion. Kabir says you will. Kabir brings Amaan to Irfan’s home. He wishes them Eid. Irfan embraces him. Nussu comes there and plays with amaan. Azra wishes eid to Kabir. Kabir sits with Irfan. Amaan reveals to Azra that a companion relinquished everything for a companion so God didnt let that companion penance. Zara comes there and welcomes Kabir. Nussu battles with Amaan. Zara says fellowship is unadulterated, you dont gain or lose anything, you are fortunate to get a companion like him. Nussu gestures and advises Amaan to play with her. Zara asks Kabir to sit. She says I am stressed and strained over show. Kabir says dont stress, there is no reason to worry. Zara demonstrates her structures to him. Salma thinks dont comprehend what this kinship implies now.

Shahbaz discloses to Ruksaar that your arrangement and for what reason did your goons beat Kabir? Flashback demonstrates how Ruksaar revealed to her goons to murder Kabir on the off chance that he attempts to run, she imagined that Kabir has no appeal any longer and on the off chance that he bites the dust, at that point Shahbaz will be accused. Flashback closes. Ruksaar says I advised goons to not hurt him but rather they didnt tune in. Shahbaz says plan fizzled, presently what? Ruksaar says I won’t let Zara take an interest in this challenge at any expense.

Precap: Zara calls her models and request that they come quick. Model says we cannot come. Ruksaar smiles. Zara reveals to Kabir that her models are missing and show begins in 60 minutes.


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