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Kabir writes about the abilities of Amir and Anas. All come there. Kabir asks Amaan to inform whom he’s going to comply with? Amaan says i can comply with Anas. Zara says this board is incomplete. She writes choice and says Alina’s desire is Amir and love marriages are not out of religion, you recognize its approximate evaluations. Kabir says i’m talking to my sister, you prevent it. He says to Alina that you met him when I requested you to not to. Alina says I in no way met him alone except for health practitioner. Does Kabir say you cooked for him, lied to me and started out liking him? Alina appears down. Does Kabir ask who’s his family? Alina says I don’t recognize.

Kabir says then how can you want him? Alina says i love his persona. Ayesha says have you long past mad? Zeenat says Amir doesn’t have an arm. Kabir says its now not about that, he has poisoned our sister’s mind. He sits with Alina and says you made a decision to marry him after few meetings? Alina says I realized when I got to recognise he is leaving town.

Zara says Kabir. Kabir shouts that that is all taking place because of you, Islam offers her lesson to not meet an-mahram, concentrate to me, she is my sister and he or she will marry Anas best. Alina says i will no longer marry Anas, i will marry Amir only. Kabir shouts at her. Zara says you constantly pick what she decided to choose, if we don’t recognize approximately Amir’s family then we can deliver him a chance, you’ve got familiar her preference in matters then why can’t she pick her husband? Kabir says love marriages are a sin and Islam stops it, she can marry Anas only. Kabir angrily leaves from there. Alina cries.

Ayesha cries and says she in no way talked again and now doing this? God displays me a manner. Zeenat comes there and says stop Zara as she is giving courage to Alina, Alina didn’t deny Anas’s thought earlier than, then how she notion about love? I take into account that Zara is at the back of all this, I won’t allow Amaan close to Zara, I can’t bear my son following Alina’s route. Does Ayesha say Alina cant see his shortcomings? I’m able to train Zara a lesson.

Alina says to Zara that they won’t receive Amir. Ayesha comes there and says now we’re outsiders for you? She asks Zara to depart so she can talk to her daughter, Zara leaves. Alina says allow me to provide an explanation for. Ayesha says when I used to pay attention to daughters of different households, I used to pray to now not show me that day, Alina is our pride however see we are due to the fact day, you are doing what others do, entire society will taunt us, that see this is Ayesha and Shahbaz’s daughter. Alina cries. Ayesha says do marry but you then become an orphan, nobody might be a part of it. Alina says don’t say that. Does Ayesha say God cant make you happy whilst you harm your mother and father? Alina says i will do whatever for my dad and mom, I requested Zara and he or she instructed me that marrying with desire is not a sin, i am now not doing any sin. Ayesha angrily leaves.

Ayesha is indignant and going to Zara. She sees her in the living room and prevents her, she says why you’re destroying my daughter’s lifestyles? why you preserve going in opposition to Kabir? you should be status with us but you’re in opposition to us, I took your face against my son, you need to have made Alina pay attention to us. Zeenat says Zara is doing all this so she will be able to disguise her father’s lie. Zara says its no longer like that. Ayesha says don’t neglect approximately your inlaws a lot which you may go to your father’s residence. Zara holds her hand and says you’re announcing this? Ayesha says yes if my daughter’s existence gets destroyed due to then you I won’t forgive and could now not help you stay in this residence, she glares at her and leaves. Zara is taken aback. Zeenat smirks and thinks that I’m able to do a trick so that it will entice them all.

Precap:- Zeenat tells a circle of relatives that Alina is missing, I think she ran away. Does Ayesha say Zara you helped her run? Does Kabir say you helped her? wherein is she? Zara says I don’t understand where she went.
Alina is at bus stand searching for Amir.

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