Ishq Subhan Allah 1st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ambreen asks Kabir would you say you are vexed? You needed zara to proceed onward. Presently she is pushing ahead. He says she was so glad for this name. She has now changed her name.

Zara says I ought to have changed my name before. Azra says you ventured out. Everything would be fine. She says there are just pricks on my way. I am biting the dust. azra embraces her. Zara cries. Azra says you lost your reports. Driver gave them back? She says Kabir gave me. Ambreen was with her. I can’t see her with him.

Azra says you shouldn’t give it a second thought. This shouldn’t trouble you. Zara says I cannot profess to be typical and upbeat. I thought everything would be fine when I change the name however nothing occurred. I am thinkning about him all the more at this point. When I see ambreen with kabir, my heart harms. My eyes search for him all over the place. What should I do.

Kabir drops Ambreen home. She expresses profound gratitude. Kabir says I ought to bless your heart. She says I came to you with my will. Samina comes. Samina says we have chosen to settle here so we need to do this. Kabir says let me know whether you need my assistance in anything.

Zara is on bicycle. She reviews what Azra said. She tumbles from the bicycle. Kabir sees her. He says zara are you alright.. He picks her. Zara says I am fine. He cleans her hands. Zara says in heart for what reason do you continue coming before me. Zara says thank you, I am fine. She is leaving. Kabir says Zara would you say you are alright? She says yes. Kabir washes his hands. Zara takes a gander at him. She reviews he held her hands and that is the reason he is washing them. Kabir sits upset in his vehicle.

Zara returns home. She is disturbed. Zara is in tears. She reviews what Azra said. Zara consumes their photographs and everything identified with Kabir. She reviews their minutes together. Rukhsar looks in her room. Zara says Kabir is over for me.

Rukhsaar goes to the memorial park. Rizwan pulls her. She gets frightened. she says for what reason did you call me? He says I know why you came. Foe is companion. I realize you despise Zara and Kabir. She says I truly loathe them. She was consuming her photographs with Kabir. It made my heart so upbeat. He says we can consume them and their affection too. Before long, they will be in this burial ground. Rukhsarr says I need zara here. Be that as it may, how might you do that? He discloses to her the arrangement.

Precap: Rukhsaar says there is an uplifting news. Another part is going to the family. Zara asks her father how would I escape this. He says you should leave this city.


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