Ishq Subhan Allah 19th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Scene 1
Rizwan says to Suraiya that i’m able to deliver poison to Irfan. Suraiya sees Salma coming there and says you are late. Salma says sorry and puts food down.

All come home, Zara asks Kabir if he’s going to drink tea? He says i will provide namaz first. a man calls him and asks him to speak after namaz. Kabir says yes and leaves residence. Zara sees Kabir’s smartphone ringing.

All come to mosque. Kabir leads prayers. All greet him. Shahbaz is satisfied to look him lead. Kabir talks to a man. guy says this man hold crying in mosque.

Head priest of us of a calls Kabir. Zara takes telephone and says he has long past to mosque, he says ask him to name returned. Zara says i can visit mosque and deliver him phone.

Kabir talks to sad guy, and says you may tell me whatever. guy says I understand you’re

an excellent person and would pay attention to me. guy sees Zara there. He says your spouse can tell you higher, forgive me if you may. guy leaves from there. Kabir looks on. Zara says who changed into this guy? Kabir says he’s bilal and you’re the motive of his troubles.

Zara says I dont even understand him. Kabir says I dont recognise what he changed into announcing. Kabir gets called and leaves. Zara comes to Bilal and says attempt to check your motorcycle. He starts it. Zara says I want your couple of minutes.

Kabir comes there too. Bilal says you created problems in my lifestyles. Zara says I dont even know you, Bilal leaves.

Ayesha says Suraiya agreed to send Rizwan to sharia board. Shahbaz says i’m hoping i am wrong and Rizwan is surely pleasant.

Kabir is miffed with Zara. She attempts to pacify him however gets hurt by means of fork. Kabir runs to her and tends to her wound. Kabir says why did you go to Bilal?

Zara says i’m sorry, I wanted to recognize why he took my call. Kabir says you made him extra angry. Zara tells him his motorbike range and says you may locate him.

Rizwan gets equipped for sharia board and says Irfan please tie turban on my head. Suraiya says you have to end up head priest so ask Kabir to tie it.

Kabir says no problems and ties it. Kabir’s smartphone’s ring. Rizwan takes it. guy says Bilal saved crying in mosque all night, ask him to speak to Bilal. Rizwan nods and thinks that Kabir will provide his seat to me soon.

Scene 2
Bilal is crying searching at his family pix. He says my spouse Kausar took my children away. Kabir involves his residence. Bilal says my spouse became bad, she was a cheater, liar, didnt have any shame, and didnt admire me, I saved bearing her for my youngsters.

Kabir says how are we liable for all this? Bilal says no longer you however your wife made my existence hell due to her mind, Kausar’s thoughts changed when Zara came forward, she says that she will be able to do anything due to the fact Zara will stand along with her, I gave everything to Kausar however if I try to forestall her from doing horrific then she says that she will record a case and get Zara on board.

Kabir says we are able to call meeting for this difficulty. Bilal says no, its our own family be counted and i dont want it to go to sharia board. Kabir says I in no way heard anything like about my spouse. Bilal says our neighbor’s spouse threatens him with zara’s call.

Kabir says i’m able to tell you that Zara doesnt need terrible for anyone, you’re wrong to mention that Zara can hurt all people. Rizwan hears all that and thinks to apply it towards Kabir and Zara.

PRECAP- Kabir sits with society contributors. guys say that ladies use Zara’s name to threaten us. women say that who has Zara’s aid can threaten their husband easily.
Zara says to Kabir that I cant consider they’re using my call like that. Kabir glares at her.


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