Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Zara involves society and talks to ladies, all reward her paintings. She thinks they dont appear to be they would bicker about me. Zara says i’m doing a marketing campaign to unfastened women from kitchen, we have to tell husbands that we are not their servants, they cant deal with us like animals, we must get freedom from them. girl says what are you pronouncing? we are satisfied with our husbands, we heard a whole lot of praise for you however you have got this attitude? we want to maintain our families happy and we are satisfied with our husbands. Zara says I simply wanted to realize your thoughts, i’m satisfied to listen all that, let me know why you lied to an vintage guy? lady says what old man? no one came here, Zara seems on.

Zeenat sees dream of Samir burning her alive. She wakes up and thinks I must supply Samir’s money back.

Zara involves sharia board. Kabir makes Rizwan stay in room. Zara says I talked to women, they’re happy with their families and that they stated that they by no means talked to any antique man. Kabir says I talked to the ones women, Kausar is not lying. Rizwan says I think Kausar wanted Zara to be on her aspect so she made ladies talk in her favor and they talked reality to Kabir, this is Kausar’s recreation. Kabir says sure, Zara take your case again, pay attention to me. Zara says i’m able to preserve your phrase however I wont let injustice manifest to Kausar, you may concentrate to case and provide choice in favor of reality, she leaves. Rizwan says i’ve an answer, if we are able to disguise record of case and inform that we cant pass in advance without record. Kabir says by no means, i will by no means lie.

Zeenat comes to PCO to call. Kashan comes there and says whilst will you prevent? he takes her from there.

Suraiya asks Rizwan why he want to make Kabir and Zara combat? Rizwan says Zara will combat case in sharia board and it will tarnish Kabir’s image so it’ll be simpler to seat from him.

Case starts in sharia board. Kabir takes record from female and says your date is not these days. Zara says she is a lady that desires justice and needed to bear ache for 10 days, doesnt she need to be heard? Rizwan says different instances are vital too. Kabir says no, Zara please start your case. Zara calls Kausar there, all appearance on. Kabir is shocked to look her. He says you’re Kausar and recalls flashback. Kabir says her husband isn’t always right here so we cant pay attention this example, you may pass, Kausar leaves. Zara is careworn to look Kabir worried.

Rizwan comes to Kabir and asks what befell? you can inform me. Kabir thanks him. Zara comes there. Kabir says Kausar is a liar, you know what took place to her? she can placed fake blames on each person, ask her what happened 10 years returned, she said sure to marriage in a single own family but someday earlier than marriage she met Bilal and married him. Zara says I assume that is a lie. Kabir says I understand, she destroyed three homes, she is setting blames on Bilal. Zara says how you understand all this about her? Kabir says due to the fact her marriage was constant in our circle of relatives. Zara is stunned. Rizwan hears it too. Kabir says Kausar became about to marry Kashan, she lied to every person. Zara is shocked. Kabir says humans started out insulting Kashan but Zeenat married Kashan as she had taken debt from Kausar’s family. Kabir says that girl lied and played this game, i’m witness to that, she knows how to dishonor reputable households. He leaves from there. Rizwan thinks this twist will make sport thrilling.

PRECAP- Shahbaz shouts at Zara to no longer talk to Kausar, she destroyed our appreciate.
Zeenat asks Zara in which are you going? Zara says to talk to Kausar, she leaves. Zeenat says what if Kausar tells fact to Zara then what is going to take place to me?


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