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Azra takes Zara’s cover off however she dismisses and murmurs to Azra that on the off chance that you disclose to him anything, at that point you will see me dead. Kabir asks Azra for what good reason would she say she was crying a direct result of me? Azra considers and says she read your book, her marriage is finishing so she cried perusing this book. Kabir says I appeal to God for her. Azra says I heard that you are finishing your connection with your significant other? you composed such a great amount about relations in your book yet why end connection with your significant other? you disdain her to such an extent? Kabir says never, I dont disdain her, she is simply extraordinary. He swings to leave yet Azra says I have a solicitation, it would be ideal if you prompt my sister, how would you live without individual whom you needed to live with forever, he is abandoning her in light of the fact that their musings dont coordinate yet she cherishes him to such an extent. Kabir says we cannot overlook

them regardless of whether we need to, God says that on the off chance that you dont give harmony and joy to your accomplice, at that point you should free them, she can likewise change her contemplations for her better half. Zara shakes her head. He inquires as to whether her significant other can change his contemplations for her? Zara shakes her head. Kabir says then its better that they independent. Azra says yet shouldn’t something be said about adoration? did you overlook your better half? Kabir gets upset and says dont inquire as to myself, does her better half miss her as well? Azra says he didnt come to meet her for one year. Kabir says its quite a while, in the event that he didnt come, at that point he more likely than not overlooked her, its better that she overlooks her significant other as well and free herself and him. He says its hard to inhale, dont cry, dont lose trust. Its better to break connection that ends up choking. He offers Zara a tissue and leaves. Bhula dena plays. Zara cries and wipes her tears. Zara says I found my solutions, he was correct, on the off chance that he adored me, at that point he would come to meet me, he said to free him for his satisfaction so I will do what he needs, I will free him, dont be tragic, we need to confront reality now.

Kabir returns home. Alina and everybody welcome him. Shahbaz takes him from that point.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that you realize you are not alright for Zara then how you consented to meet her? Kabir says I had some reason, I needed to reveal to her that everything finished between us, our story finished and along these lines Zara would be protected as well. Shahbaz says trust God, he will guard Zara.

Salma embraces Zara’s school sack and cries. Irfan says Salma? Salma says Zara went far away, she needed to hold up under so much agony. Irfan says she got new life, once Kabir and Zara’s separation is concluded, I will fill her existence with satisfaction.

Zara and Azra gets back home. Salma embraces Zara and Azra.

Azra goes to Zara’s room and says I will take you around this city. Azra says separate from procedure will begin today.

Ayesha says to Kabir that I need to inquire as to whether you need this separation? will you have the capacity to live without her? Kabir reviews their minutes and how he guaranteed to never observe her face. Kabir comes inside Irfan’s home. Zara holes up behind drapery and sees him.

Zara is in parlor. Ayesha goes to her. Zara welcomes her and makes her touch her face. Ayesha grins and embraces her.

Kabir welcomes Irfan. Zara brings tea there. Kabir turns and sees her.

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