Ishq Subhan Allah 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Zara is praying at night time. Kabir says I understand what you’re praying for. Zara and Alina offer namaz at night time to do isthikara. Alina prays to get a husband who recognizes her and her circle of relatives. Zara prays to God to make her comply with the proper course and give her energy to combat for women. Kabir looks on. Zara says Alina is doing isthikhara too if God gives her hint to select Amir then what will you do? Salma calls Zara and says stay far away from Alina’s hassle, her dad and mom can decide for her. Zara says they may be marrying her to the individual she doesn’t like, i’m strolling on the path of fact, i am positive God will supply me a hint, she ends name. Kabir appears on.

Kabir is unsleeping at night and thinks what if God suggestions closer to Amir?

In the morning, Kabir comes to Zara and thinks what did she see in istikhara. Zara says I didn’t get any dream closing night time, i am already doing what God needs me to do, if Alina receives hint closer to Amir then i’m able to fight for her and i don’t need my family to do sin. Kabir says I won’t allow this love marriage sin to manifest in this house, alina will marry Anas only, you could do something you want.

Ayesha suggests earrings to Alina and offers her bank account. Does Alina say what’s this? Ayesha says I used to store cash for you, this is excited by you, we don’t need incorrect for you, Anas is a good boy for you. Alina says I did istikhara remaining night and God hinted towards Amir. Ayesha glares at her. Zara comes there. Does Ayesha say you gave her this idea? I did istikhara and were given Anas’s call. Zara says you each saved one choice over different so you got that trace, she asks Ayesha and Alina to present a threat to both Anas and Amir after which do istikhara again. Ayesha says don’t educate me, I asked you to live far from Alina, Anas’s family is coming so don’t pop out. She makes Zara leave.

Zeenat calls Salamat and says I played a trick, I messaged Alina as Amir and Alina ran away, all are blaming Zara. Zara comes there and says you messaged Alina? Zeenat says I did. Does Zara say you are not scared of God? Zeenat says Alina will marry whom we want her to marry.

Zara comes to Kabir and says Zeenat remains playing hints, she messaged Alina. Kabir says Zeenat became saying an equal thing, I desired you to be in function with me however you need to challenge me. Zara says no, I simply want you to reflect consideration on Alina’s lifestyles. Ayesha comes there and says Kabir Anas’s own family is here, she asks Zara to stay in the room. Kabir says, however. Ayesha says I don’t need any drama.

Zeenat comes to Alina, Alina thinks that Zara won’t be in feature so I have no one on my side. Zeenat says your mom is very involved about you, assume in case you say no to this relation then Ayesha will throw Zara out, don’t spoil her relation with Kabir, don’t do any mistake.

Alina comes in the front room. Anas smiles at her. Asad asks Kabir wherein is Zara? Zeenat says she went to her parents’ house. Kabir says she is right here handiest, definitely, she doesn’t receive this relation that’s why she isn’t here. Asad says everyone has an opinion however all need to be right here. Anas says I want every person to forget about their anger, I need anyone to be a part of my marriage. Kabir says i’m able to convey her, he thinks that Alina will marry where I want.

Precap:- Zara says to guests that Islam doesn’t permit to pressure girls to marry, did each person ask Alina where she desires to marry? Ayesha says to Zara that we cant undergo you anymore, you won’t live here. Kabir throws Zara out of residence. Zara cries.


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