Ishq Subhan Allah 26th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ayesha and Kabir are welcoming visitors. A visitor makes her girl Ambreen meet Kabir. Ambreen discloses to Kabir that she originated from US and cousins talk about him a great deal. Kabir grins. Zara, Azra and Ruksaar comes to party. Zara sees him grinning and talking. Ruksaar says we can return home. Zara says no, I am here for Ayesha. A visitor discusses Zara to Shahbaz and inquires as to whether Zara had a flaw? Shahbaz says when girls dont have right childhood then they cannot make a family. Kabir comes there and murmurs to Shahbaz that for what reason would you say you are ridiculing this? He feels something and goes to see Zara there. All are paralyzed.

Azra advises Zara to gives up from here. Zara says gives up. They are going to leave however Ayesha stops her and says you are leaving without gathering her? Zara says no I came here to meet you, she blessings her and wishes her. Kabir and Shahbaz looks on. Ayesha embraces Zara. Zara says I am fine. Ayesha says your joy is my joy. Zara says I will consistently have a connection with you. Shahbaz focuses to a visitor. Visitor comes to Ayesha and says your old little girl in law is here? Ayesha says she is my girl. She takes Zara from that point.

Zara approaches Ayesha what is the purpose behind sweetness among her and Shahbaz’s connection? Ayesha says man’s inner self is enormous, he needs a spouse that can hear him out and dont argue, I did it to keep sweetness in our lives. Zara says you figure I ought to have tuned in to my significant other’s manner of thinking and dont talk up? Ayesha says no, you gave me boldness, I constantly needed my girl to resemble you. Kabir comes there and offers juice to Ayesha. Kabir offers it to Zara as well. Azra says we are visitors as well. Kabir says I have two hands just, I brought one glass for my mom and other for Zara.. as she was conversing with Ayesha. Azra reveals to Ruksaar that they are adorable. Ayesha leaves from that point. Azra purposely tosses squeeze on Zara’s juice. Kabir says you can tidy up.. Zara says I am fine. Azra requests that her go. Zara leaves with Kabir. Ruksaar is irate. Azra says I needed that.

Kabir brings Zara to their room. Zara reviews their minutes together. Kabir offers her bag to her. Shahbaz calls Irfan that your little girl is here as an undesirable visitor. Salma says she is there? Shahbaz says indeed, it would be ideal if you come and take her. Zara sees her dresses in sack. She finds their marriage photographs. Kabir and Zara begin experiencing them and appreciate. Salma goes to Shahbaz’s home and discovers Azra. She gets some information about Zara. Azra says she.. Ruksaar says she is in Kabir’s stay with him. Salma is irate.

Precap: Salma yells for Zara. Zara comes in gathering. Salma discloses to Zara that we become a joke here, gives up. She hauls Zara however her dupatta stalls out in Kabir’s sleeve catch.


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