Ishq Subhan Allah 28th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Zara is tensed. Salma asks her to devour. Zara asks them to devour and leaves. Kabir is going behind her.
Kabir comes to Zara and asks her to have meals, she says no. He asks why? Zara hugs him and says what if i am wrong and Bilal is innocent? I dont recognise what to do. Kabir says dont fear. Zara says my thoughts and coronary heart are pronouncing various things. Kabir says listen to both however comply with your heart, you’re an excellent wife so you will devour, he makes her devour together with his arms. Zara smiles.

Zeenat says this case need to give up earlier than my reality comes out.

Rizwan indicates admission shape of youngsters and says some Aziz’s call changed into on shape too. Bilal says he used to come to drop her at night time, humans started talking and she curses me to others. Kausar says that is a lie. Rizwan says does Aziz get

admission for kids of other personnel? she says no. Rizwan says he takes care of youngsters, drops her and she or he curses her husband to him, he’s a a na-mehram character. Kabir asks Zara to mention some thing. Zara says Kausar took help from Aziz however how does it show that they had an affair? He helped her get her youngsters admitted, Aziz dropped her because Bilal by no means cared about his spouse, Bilal is listening to others as opposed to speakme to Kausar, if he fulfilled his obligations then this wouldnt show up. Kabir says an amazing guy wouldnt allege his spouse without any proof, he could concentrate to her in preference to others. He ends consultation. Zara smiles.
Zara thank you Kabir and says I knew Kausar is harmless, she would have taken divorce and long gone to Aziz in the event that they had an affair, thanks. Zara pulls him closer. Salma comes there so Kabir movements away. Salma smiles and says bless you both.

Rizwan says to Suraiya that dont fear, i will do some thing in order to put Kabir in trouble.

In next consultation, Rizwan says to Bilal that you put an allegation for your spouse without any evidence. Bilal eyes him and nods. Kabir says you did a sin. Bilal says i am sorry, I cant see my wife with that Aziz, he’s a na-mehram. Kabir says you doubted your spouse but she may be cautious too, she should damage her relation with Aziz. Zara says then she can lose her job. Bilal says i will send them to madarasa. Kausar says no I want them to visit English faculty. Rizwan says this example wont clear up if Kausar doesnt listen, she have to compromise. Zara says handiest lady have to compromise? Islam offers identical rights to each men and women, if Kausar wants them to go to English college then why not? other participants ask for time, Kabir ends consultation.

Salma says to Irfan that this situation can placed stress on Zara and Kabir’s relation. Irfan says Kabir wont give decision until he listens to all elements.

Zara and Kabir are on road. Rizwan asks Kabir to take your wife to eating place. Kabir says sure, i was questioning that. Zara smiles at Kabir. They each sit down in car and leave. Rizwan smirks and says soon bomb will blast.

Precap Upcoming Ishq Subhan Allah episode update: Kabir and Zara are in restaurant however some ladies come there and throws footwear at Kabir. Later Kabir is running behind Rizwan on avenue.


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