Ishq Subhan Allah 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Azra sees video of Kabir sparing Zara. She demonstrates it to Zara and says I recognize love clearly however why he was the fate of stone? Zara says dont know why he doesnt demonstrate his affection. Azra says dont know. Zara says we need to discover why he doesnt show love, transfer this video.

Kabir supplicates and says I cannot reveal to Zara that I need to avoid all her sheltered, God keep her protected and sound, I wont do anything and this connection will end.

In morning, Zara prepares and pulls Azra up from resting, she says we need to discover truth from Kabir. Azra says you are shining, what was the deal? Zara says enchantment. Irfan sees Zara and imagines that keep Zara upbeat. He comes inside and gives them cash to appreciate. Azra and Zara expresses gratitude toward him. He requests that they be cautious and leaves. Zara says we need to work Kabir’s arrangement, prepare. Kabir offers namaz in mosque.

Zara and Azra comes outside mosque. Zara says I will go to him when he turns out. She sees Kabir’s vehicle and advises an arrangement to Azra. She sees Kabir leaving mosque and grins. Kabir feels her quality and glances around. Zara grins. Zara covers her face. Azra hits with Kabir. Kabir says you are Zappi. Azra says its extraordinary to meet you here. Kabir says why you here? Azara says my sister was dismal so I brought her here. Kabir says she doesnt talk? Azra says she doesnt converse with other men like you dont shake hands with other ladies. Kabir says how would you realize that? Azra says everybody knows you, I saw your adoration in video, in the event that you cherish her so much, at that point why dont you advise her? Kabir says you can appreciate here. Azra says let me demonstrate to you that video. Kabir takes a gander at video. Azra says this is viral via web-based networking media, you both look such a great amount in affection, it demonstrates Kabir Ahmed adores Zara Ahmed. Kabir gazes at Zara in video. Azra says its extend telephone, I am certain you cherish her. Kabir says it probably won’t be valid. He swings to leave however Zara’s finger gets caught with his finger. He is shocked and says Zara.. Azra stops him and says she is my sister, I saw Zara in other road. Kabir looks on. Azra says we will go now, she leaves with Zara. Zara says Kabir cherishes me, I will ask him.

Kabir comes to Zara. He is dazed and says where is your cover? He takes her dupatta and spreads her head. Fundamental phir bhi tumko chahungi plays. Kabir attempts to contact her face and inclines in. Zara says Kabir.. you were hunting down me? Zara says I became more acquainted with you were edgy to scan for me, you cherish me more than prior, everybody realizes that. Kabir says I dont care about you, return to Mumbai, you have acquired tempest my life, we dont have connection any longer. Zara says I realize you are concealing something and I won’t return till I discover truth.

Precap Upcoming Ishq Subhan Allah Episode Update: Zara calls Ayesha and says our connection as little girl in law and relative may end however I am your girl as well, you will come to meet me? Kabir accepts call and says she won’t come, dont call once more. Zara says I am her little girl, it’s not possible for anyone to prevent her from gathering me.


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