Ishq Subhan Allah 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Azra was not sure but Zara tells Azra she is doing everything thoughtfully.
There, Salma and Qazi Sahib pray for Zara’s happiness.

Kabir sat in his room and thinks about Zara’s condition for marriage. He receives a call that his Dubai tickets have been confirmed, and his flight is scheduled tomorrow.

At the wedding function, Salma asks Azra if Zara is ready. Azra was looking around at which Salma was quizzical. She sends Azra to bring Zara downstairs.

Rukhsar thanks the poison vendor. Ayesha hears her conversation on phone.

Azra comes to the room and tells Zara to at least change in a bridal dress. Zara asks if Kabir reached. Azra says everyone including the guests, groom and even NikahKhawan is here. Salma stood at the door. Azra convince Zara to at least

change her clothes. She will soon call Kabir and explain the conditions to him. Zara agrees. Salma comes to the room and was relieved that at least Zara changed her clothes.
Ayesha gives a note to Rukhsar to be given to Kabir. Rukhsar inquires about it. Ayesha tells her to abide by her order. Rukhsar reads the note at the door. Ayesha says she knew she won’t take the letter to Kabir. She inquires what’s going on in Rukhsar’s devilish mind, what she mixes in her medicine. Rukhsar tries to explain herself. Ayesha tells her to call everything, and make a call to Kabir and Kashan. Her condition deteriorates.

Azra was trying Kabir’s phone call. His phone doesn’t connect.

Rukhsar convinces that everyone can’t gather in her room. Ayesha spots Shahbaz coming towards the room. Before she could call him Rukhsar stuffs Ayesha’s mouth tightly. She tells Ayesha to stay silent. She won’t let Ayesha to unite Kabir and Zara. Ayesha assert Zara and Kabir will be together. Rukhsar laughs at her mockingly, and tells Ayesha she is about to die already; who will unite them.
Zara was ready in the bridal attire. Salma praises her. She comes to the hall and notices Kabir wasn’t there.

Ayesha tells Rukhsar that no matter she lives or dies, Salma will unite Kabir and Zara. Rukhsar plays a video from camera in the hall and shows Ayesha some footages of Zara’s ongoing wedding. She now clutches her neck and stuffs her mouth with a pillow in an attempt to kill her.

Zara awaited Kabir. Azra tells her that she couldn’t connect to Kabir on phone. Kabir reaches the wedding.

Ayesha finally lay dead in her bed. Rukhsar drops the pillow, boastfully looking towards Ayesha.
Kabir stood behind the pole. Zara and everyone had turned to look towards him. Kabir goes into a flash back, Zara had come to him and narrated a nightmare that she was at a wedding. Everyone congratulated the groom as Kabir there. Kabir was happy that he will be having two wives. Zara was annoyed, and says he will realize her pain only when he will find Zara in a bridal attire. Kabir opens his arms sadly, to show Zara the dress she had selected for him. Zain notices Kabir and Zara’s stare. He comes to Kabir and says he came out to be a betrayer.

PRECAP: Kashan comes at the door and insists Rukhsar to open the room door. Rukhsar was worried now. There, Zara was asked for a permission for the Nikah. Zara sat silently, waiting for Kabir’s Qubool Hai.


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