Ishq Subhan Allah 31st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Zara walks on the road. Rizwan seems at her. He calls Rukhsar. Zara comes home. Rukhsar doesn’t select the decision. Zara is going to her room. Zara involves azra and hugs her. Zara cries. Azra says please relax. Zara says i am over kabir. the entirety is over. i am Zara siddiqui once more. i’ve modified my call. i have moved ahead from the beyond. That name isn’t mine anymore.

Ambreen asks Kabir are you upset? You desired zara to move on. Now she is shifting forward. He says she turned into so proud of this name. She has now modified her call.

Zara says I need to have modified my call in advance. Azra says you took step one. the whole lot could be pleasant. She says there are handiest pricks on my way. i’m dying. azra hugs her. Zara cries. Azra says you lost your files. driving force gave them lower back? She says Kabir gave me. Ambreen was together with her. i will’t see her with him. Azra says you shouldn’t care. This shouldn’t bother you. Zara says I cant faux to be everyday and glad. I idea the entirety could be first-rate when I exchange the call but nothing occurred. i’m thinkning about him more now. after I see ambreen with kabir, my heart hurts. My eyes search for him everywhere. What must I do.

Kabir drops Ambreen domestic. She says thanks. Kabir says I have to thanks. She says I came to you with my will. Samina comes.

Samina says we’ve decided to settle right here so we must do all this. Kabir says let me know in case you need my help in whatever.

Zara is on motorcycle. She recollects what Azra stated. She falls from the motorcycle. Kabir sees her. He says zara are you okay.. He picks her. Zara says i’m high-quality. He cleans her hands. Zara says in heart why do you maintain coming in front of me. Zara says thank you, i am best. She is leaving. Kabir says Zara are you k? She says sure. Kabir washes his palms. Zara looks at him. She recalls he held her fingers and thats why he’s washing them. Kabir sits disappointed in his vehicle.

Zara comes home. She is upset. Zara is in tears. She remembers what Azra stated. Zara burns their pictures and the entirety associated with Kabir. She remembers their moments collectively. Rukhsar peeks in her room. Zara says Kabir is over for me.

Rukhsaar involves the graveyard. Rizwan pulls her. She receives scared. she says why did you name me? He says I recognize why you got here. Enemy’s enemy is pal. I know you hate Zara and Kabir. She says I really hate them. She was burning her snap shots with Kabir. It made my coronary heart so satisfied. He says we are able to burn them and their love as nicely. quickly, they may be on this graveyard. Rukhsarr says I need zara right here. but how would you do that? He tells her the plan.

Precap: Rukhsaar says there is a great news. a new member is coming to the own family. Zara asks her dad how do i am getting out of all this. He says you need to depart this city.


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