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Ambreen says ami we would get late. We should go. Kabir’s companion says all individuals know come when we are out. He says Zara saw me. She thought I accompanied Ambreen. Zara says it is all reasonable. He resulted in these present circumstances show with her. What’s more, we as a whole know why. He could never take me saying he gets bore. Presently he is at my preferred vocalist’s show with another young lady. Azra says you are overthinking. You know him. She says he is in such a rush to overlook me. Kair’s companion says knows your character. I can reveal to her you are with me. Kabir says I don’t wanna clarify anything. I need her to proceed onward. She better do. She is here to appreciate and move one. I am happy she saw me with her. Zara says to Azra I am returning home. You appreciate the show. Get back home when it’s finished.

Kabir and Zara are both returning home. The melody zaruri tha plays. Azra leaves the show. Zara is there. She says for what reason did you not return home? She says in the event that I did, amma abba would be stressed and ask me inquiries. I couldn’t mislead them. Azra says this is so off-base. Zara says all is well. Azra says you can’t imagine all is well. You are constantly vexed. You are neither proceeding onward, nor shutting it. You had two days to discover for what reason did he say yes to khula. He needed to dispose of you. He doesn’t wanna live with you. He marked the papers. There was no reason he was constrained. He was there on the grounds that he was upbeat. It doesn’t make a difference he was with a young lady, in any event he is getting over his past. Till he influences you, you can’t get over it. You need to get over it. You must be solid. Begin from some place. Attempt it at any rate. Zara says you’re correct. I can’t squander my time. I need to do work, abba’s advance. I need to accomplish something that would begin another day tomorrow. Azra embraces her.

Zara awakens. She sees Rukhsar’s telephone ringing. Rukhsar picks it before her. She asks for what reason is Rizwan calling her. Salman asks Zara would you say you are going some place? She says yes. I need your storage room keys. I need a few archives. Zara goes to the legal advisor. She loses her record. She left it in the rickshaw. Zara calls home. Legal counselor says get the records or the court would close. The rickshaw driver approaches the number. In any case, Zara’s telephone is off. He approaches the other number.

Kabir gets back home. Samina says you were at the show. Ayesh says wow you met him there. Kabir gets the call from the driver. He says a young lady Zara sat in my rickshaw. She left her endorsements. Kabir says I am comin to pick them. Ambreen says you are leaving to meet Zara. He says no such thing. She says your face determines what’s in your heart. You can impart anything to me as a companion. Kabir expresses profound gratitude. He leaves. Zara is stressed for her record. She calls her mother however she says they are not home.

Kabir calls Zara. He does video call. Kabir says would you say you are stressed? I have your reports. I am coming to offer them to you. Ambreen comes in the video too. She says we are coming. I would meet you as well.

Ambreen asks kabir, is it right activity? Kabir comes to meet zara with Ambreen. He says your record. He acquaints them with one another. Zara says I need to go. Legal advisor comes and takes the archives from Zara. He says Zara Siddiqui. Kabir says you’re changing your name? She says yes what’s the purpose of keeping that name. Kabir is shattered. Zara leaves.

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