Ishq Subhan Allah 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Kabir and Zara are in truck. She says I thank God for making me meet you. Kabir says I thank God for making me experience this sense. She says which feeling? inform me. Kabir says purest feeling of this world, feeling of affection. Zara sits on his lap and says this is love or obligation? He says responsibility. She seems away. Kabir says retaining you satisfied is my obligation and seeing you glad is my love. Zara smiles.

Rizwan says to Suraiya that we need masterplan to cope with Kabir as he was too irritated, I used Zara’s words to make guys against her and girls towards Kabir, Irfan might be compelled to take Kabir’s call again and then I becomes head priest. Suraiya says your uncle can take seat returned. Rizwan indicates her poison bottle.Kabir says to zara that we argued over divorce. Zara says our thoughts were extraordinary. Kabir says we’re still separate on mind, cant you’re taking my thoughts? Zara says I dont like this speak. Kabir says we’re always thinking in a different way, we are not one web page, I dont want my wife work outside, I want her to be in house and love me, take Kausar’s lower back, I dont like it. Zara appears on. united states of america priest calls Irfan and says what’s taking place in city? Irfan says what? Priest says humans are dividing because of Kabir and Zara, they’ve separated them, take your seat lower back and quit this problem. Rizwan hears it and smirks. Salma says Zara has put Kabir’s seat at stake, their relation can suffer.Kabir says to Zara that we fought so much in 12 months, what’s going to take place for life? Zara and Kabir sees humans shouting against Kabir and zara. Kabir says we must manage them, i can move. Zara says its risky there. Kabir says I left my phone in automobile, you stay here, i’m able to pass and speak. Zara says shall we pass domestic and then we are able to see what we are able to do.

Shahbaz takes his cellphone from Amaan and sees messages. Kashan shows him riots in city and those going against Kabir and Zara. Ayesha says what’s occurring? Shahbaz calls Irfan. Irfan is looking information too. The reporter says Zara and Kabir are missing. Salma says to Irfan that Zara is answerable for all this. Irfan says we must stand with Zara, we should find out who’s in the back of this rebellion.Rizwan says my plan is operating, now countrywide sharia board will pressurize Irfan to take seat lower back from Kabir, i will make Irfan susceptible with this poison, he will give me seat and then i will make him leave this global. i’m able to have head priest seat.Kabir and Zara conceal in an alley. Zara asks him to be careful. Kabir tries to transport matters.

Salma says to Irfan that Zara attempts to emerge as a student, other women dont combat like this. Rizwan comes there and says i am hoping they’re secure. He sees Rizvi calling. Irfan says he’s from national sharia board. He leaves. Irfan says to Rizvi that i’m able to take role and take care of this issue. Rizwan thinks that i can make Irfan ill so i get the chair.Kabir sees complete vicinity on fire. Kabir says to Zara that entire metropolis is burning because of me. I cant defend you, i’m no longer a good husband, son and head priest. Zara says dont say that, we will make the whole lot exceptional. Kabir says you in no way listened to me, this wouldnt have befell if I had stopped. He grabs her fingers.

Precap: Shahbaz says to Kabir that your wife destroyed you, she destroyed my dream of creating my son head priest, I wont forgive her. Zara is in tears listening to that.


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