Ishq Subhan Allah 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ayesha comes to Zara in a market. Zara says I called you both here to spend my last night in Lucknow with my mothers. Ayesha says what? Ambreen’s mom says to Shahbaz that Kabir resembles a child to her.

Zara eats frozen yogurt with Ayesha and Salma. Zara says dont stress over me, dont be tragic. Ayesha says you truly need to leave? Zara gets strained and goes to a shop. She supposes I have chosen to leave yet what does my heart need? She returns. Ayesha discloses to Zara that in the event that you need to leave, at that point go. Salma says your the two moms need to send you off joyfully, they embrace her. Zara looks on.

Zara is tragically sitting in her room and reviews her minutes with Kabir. Kabir is feeling the loss of her as well. Roke na ruke naina plays. Zara is leaving. Irfan, Salma and Azra embraces her. Azra cries and says I can come to station. Zara says I need to deal with my life currently, deal with my folks and yourself. She goes out.

Imran says to Kabir that she is leaving and you are not doing anything? Kabir says I am an outsider to her now, I cannot request that her not go. Imran says would you say you are upbeat? Kabir says I need her to proceed onward throughout everyday life except she is leaving her life, her family, her beginning and end here just to leave from me, I am obliterating her life, I never needed to expand her inconveniences, I dont need her to go. Imran says then disclose to her this and bring her back. Kabir says you are correct.

Zara is en route to prepare station. Kabir is in vehicle and attempts to call Zara yet her telephone is off.

Zara comes to station and glances around for her ticket. Kabir comes there and says what’s happening with you? You are so irate with me that you are leaving me? I was your life at that point how might you leave? Zara says on the off chance that this is my demise, at that point you are in charge of this as you marked legal documents.. She sees it was her creative mind. Kabir originates from otherside and says you inquired as to whether you ought to go to Delhi however did you ask your heart? ask your heart once. It ends up being Zara’s creative mind as Kabir is en route to station.

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