Ishq Subhan Allah 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Zara says that Kabir’s mind are incorrect, he turned into blamed due to his incorrect questioning. Kabir is shocked. Salma says to Kabir that dont pay attention to her. Zara sits together with her Irfan. Salma asks Zara to say sorry to Kabir, why are you breaking your property? Zara says what will I say to girls who’re backing me to offer them rights? i can no longer depart sharia board at any value and will combat for them. She leaves.

Zara is walking on road. One lady says she is distracting women from following their husbands, she need to be crushed. women start beating her badly.. Kabir wakes up screaming Zara’s call, it changed into his dream. Zara wakes up and hugs him. Kabir is worried about her, he remembers all going in opposition to Zara and telling her that she by no means listens to her husband.

In morning, Kabir and Zara offer namaz together. Zara says I understand you are involved but the whole thing may be exceptional. Kabir says we must be cautious before taking a selection, Irfan is getting excellent too, I suppose its better in case you aren’t there while selection is given. Zara says why? I need justice for Kausar. Kabir shouts that fights will start once more, this city had chaos due to you, I might be insulted too, what’s going to people think once they realize that his spouse thinks his mind are incorrect? Zara says if this is justice then why cant I come there? Kabir says you’ll begin a combat there, Zara says i am sharia board member so why i’m stopped? Kabir says as your husband i am ordering you to now not come to sharia board in any other case.. Zara says what then? Servant comes there and says some goons are outside house.

All come in lounge. humans are seeking to input house. Kabir holds gate. energy goes off. a man comes internal house and fights with Kabir. He places gun on Kabir and says you harm our buddy however we wont harm you, Zara have hurt our people, she tried to provoke girls, we dont need our girls to paintings outside of house. Kabir says you’re threatening us and telling me which you respect me? Goon asks Zara to go away Kausar’s case, that is our closing caution, they all go away. Kabir says same guy is at the back of it who gave money to the ones girls. He says i’m able to go to police. Shahbaz says what number of humans will you combat? all are against your spouse, you cant deal with her? they will not bear their women working outdoor, your spouse works with different guys, we men are made to paintings for our girls, you cant bear her running but she wishes all women to work outdoor? tell her to not go to sharia board. Ayesha asks Zara to not positioned her life in hazard for a small element. Zara says they’re seeking to make me scared, they are able to stop me but i can fight for my people, no person can grasp our rights from us. Kabir brings Quran there. He says to Zara that in case you come to sharia board for Kausar’s case then I promise on Quran that you’ll in no way go back to this residence and we can never live underneath the identical roof once more. Zara is taken aback.

PRECAP- Irfan calls some goon and says earlier than Zara stops my son’s achievement, I want to complete her. Kill her. Zara is taking walks on avenue whilst goon objectives at her.


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