Ishq Subhan Allah 8th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Specialist checks Irfan and says dont stress, he is fine, simply give him prescription which I gave. Zara says Rizwan was giving him drug yet I will utilize yours from now one. Rizwan smiles.

All general public individuals quick and petition God for Irfan.

Columnist says that Rizvi has chosen to keep Kabir on his position seeing the manner in which he dealt with circumstance till Irfan turns out to be fine. Rizwan is furious.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that I am pleased how you dealt with this circumstance. Zeenat says however till when this will go on? Bilal and Kausar’s case is still on, Zara didnt transform, she was at Kausar’s home before as well. Zara says I needed to know why she went to media. Ayesha says its correct that you doubted her, she offended Kabir by calling media. Zara says no Kausar didnt call media, somebody

else called them and she didnt recognize what to reply. Zeenat inquires as to why she cannot leave case? Zara says its in sharia board, I will battle this case. Shahbaz says Kabir till when your significant other will act this way? cant she quit going to sharia board? Zeenat says Zara is obstinate, she doesnt need to leave sharia load up, would you be able to abandon it Zara? let us know. Kabir looks on and goes to Zara. He says no Zeenat, she wont leave sharia load up, she won’t leave putting her significant other down, she doesnt tune in to my contemplations, you found your solution? He leaves from that point. Ayesha says to Zara that dont let any case or Kausar interfere with you and Kabir.

Kabir is preparing. Zara brings towel and wipes his body. He requests it however Zara flees. He endeavors to snatch it. Sajna tere bina plays. Kabir gets her and tosses her on bed, he puts towel all over. He jabs her face. She chuckles. Zara says you look so decent grinning this way, I dont like irate Kabir. Kabir moves away. Zara says dont be furious, you know system of sharia board. Kabir says we are not one. Zara says dont state that, we adore one another. Kabir says our diverse contemplations is debilitating our connection, I will endeavor to deal with it till I can.

Shahbaz calls Salma and requests that her clarify Zara as she is making fracture among her and Kabir, he closes call.

Salma calls Zara and says I need to converse with you, come and meet. Zara says OK.

Irfan converses with Kabir and says this contention is long, individuals are inquiring as to whether ladies can work outside house or not?

Salma inquires as to whether she went to Kausar? Zara says I cannot leave this case, she isn’t to blame. Salma says in the event that you are not tuning in to us, at that point why claim to pursue islam. She takes her hjiab and puts it ablaze. Kabir runs and puts fire out. He pulls Zara closer. Salma says Islam requests that we pursue our spouses, why dont you leave sharia load up? you need to be Kausar’s ally who offended your significant other? Salma asks Zara you need to choose on the off chance that she needs to ensure their regard or go on roads. Zara embraces her and says I never conflicted with Islam, it doesnt state to concur with spouse on everything, this is society’s showing which doesnt enable ladies to raise voice, they remove their dupattas as you did as such I get terrified? Zara takes a seat and cries. Kabir embraces her. She says Islam enables ladies to work, I needed to utilize my entitlement to put this forward, individuals need us to end up quiet, we have ideal to grin, work and be cheerful. Salma says you need to consider your obligation rights, that Kausar offended your significant other. Zara gets irate and says why dont you comprehend that she didnt call media? Salma says your significant other was offended, was that not off-base? Zara says on the off chance that Kabir was accused, at that point it was a direct result of his musings, his vision isn’t right. Kabir is shocked and moves from Zara.

PRECAP-Kabir says to Zara that whenever come to sharia board for Kausar’s case then I swear on Quran that you won’t come back to this house and I will never observe your face. Zara is stunned.


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