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Shivaansh holds Mannat’s hand. Haldi gets on her hand. Shivani says this is… Shivaansh says don’t…. Mannat is going. She eliminates the veil and cries wondering I missed this danger, Munni is in hazard there, and right here Shivaansh, what shall I do. Shivaansh gets geared up. Shivani, Radhika and Dhruv come. They praise him. Shivaansh jokes. Radhika says your fav uncles have sent this shagun. He asks did Om and Rudra send this for me. Radhika says they want to fulfill a piece of Shivaye and Anika’s duties. He says even I pass over them. Mannat says how do I informhim. She sees Varun and says i can inform this to Varun, he’ll inform Shivaansh.

Varun sees her. She says i have to speak to you. She indicates her face. He asks you right here. She says someone has despatched me here to smash Shivaansh’s marriage and

kidnap Sonya, I m finding Shivaansh, I don’t recognize some thing. He asks what, just relaxi canspeak to Shivaansh, don’t tell this to all people. Nani calls him. He is going and thinks mad girl, she is telling me approximately my plan, I need to do something rapid, else she can spoil my plan. Mannat comes to Sonya’s room and calls her out. She doesn’t see Sonya. Varun threatens her about Munni again. He says I had to do your paintings. She says don’t harm Munni. He says I gave you sufficient probabilitiesthis is your remaining hazard, else neglect Munni. She says no. He says you have to take a seat in mandap instead Sonya and marry Shivaansh. She asks what, how am i able to try this. He asks her to think, if she wants Munni safe, she has to marry Shivaansh.
He asks her to test her telephone. She unearths Munni captive and crying. She cries. He says its okin case you agree for marriage, else Munni will die. He counts down. She begs him and says i willmarry, don’t do something to Munni. He says good womanif you try to inform absolutely everyone, you and Munni gained’t get storedpass and get prepared, its your marriage nowadays. She says I instructed Varun, if he tells Shivaansh, then Munni…. I must locate Varun. She stops Varun. He says I m going to inform Shivaansh, come with me. She says no, it become my mistake, don’t inform him whatever. He asks is Shivaansh in threat. She says no, neglect it. He says you scared me, exceptional, I won’t tell him something. He thinks I m doing this to get Shivaansh’s belongings. Shivaansh wears the pagdi and accessories. He thinks this marriage is fakehoweverthis happiness isn’t faux, I m doing so incorrect with you.

Mannat gets ready. She sees her bangles and cries. She says I should preserve faith, I m cheatingShivaansh, if I don’t do thati can lose Munni. Shivaansh comes to her. She places on the veil. He thanks Sonya for doing all this for him. He says marriage decision is a big one, I m positive you’llhave dreamsyou’re retaining wishes apart and marrying me, I really appreciate that. She thinks he is right, marriage is a big decision, Shivaansh and Sonya may have desires, how can i play with their feelings, I must tell him the whole lot. She holds his hand. Tere naam…plays…. Varun comes and asks Shivaansh to come backthere’s less time for mahurat. Shivaansh is going. Mannat thinks if I don’t do some thingi will get married to Shivaansh. Shivaansh comes downstairs. all peoplesmiles. They dance and hug him. Shivaansh asks Khanna did he speak to the actor who will play faux pandit. Varun asks why. Shivaansh says pandit must be faux for faux marriage. Varun says don’t worryi’m able to get him. Shivaansh thank you him and hugs. Varun thinks marriage is going on for realsimply see how i am getting actual pandit.

Mannat is introduced to mandap. Nani hugs Shivaansh. She asks him to usually stay satisfied. Mannat thinks Nani is glad, I m cheating they all, its better I run away and find Munni. She attempts to head. Varun asks are you going to discover Munni, but Munni is right here. She sees Munni at the back of Shivaansh. Shivaansh asks Munni is she exceptional. She nods. Varun says you acquire Munni, now appearance a her nicely, see the purple mild at the back of her lower back, marriage will show up else the blast, just sit down in mandap, else each person will die with Munni here.

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