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Mannat thinks I should make the last strive. Varun asks Radhika in which is Sonya going. Radhika asks in which are you going, Sonya. Mannat signs and symptoms of the washroom. She asks a servant for a pen and paper. She thinks to ship word to Shivaansh. She asks servant handy over the letter to simply Shivaansh. She says whilst Shivaansh reads the letter, he’s going to cancel the marriage. The servant gives the note to Shivaansh. Varun takes the notice and asks him to leave his fan’s love letters these days. He gets indignant and throws the be aware. Nani looks for a bag. She says this has dupatta, Dadi had made Mannat for Shivaansh’s marriage, new bahu will put on this at some stage in Grahpravesh.

Varun calls Mannat and asks her to return to mandap. She says I m just coming. She thinks Shivaansh would have study letter by way of now. Mannat thinks why did Shivaansh cancel the marriage, didn’t he examine the letter. Nani asks Sonya to come back. Radhika and Shivani get Mannat to the mandap. Nani asks Sonya to boost her ghunghat. Varun makes excuses. Shivaansh asks Khanna did he provide an explanation for pandit nicely. Khanna says yes, don’t fear. Mannat sees Munni and issues. Shivaansh turns to her. Tere naam…plays… Nani says pandit is looking you if he has to begin the rasam. He thinks I have to do this for Nani’s sake. Mannat thinks I ought to try this for Munni’s sake.

Pandit asks them to exchange Varmala. They change garlands. all of us claps. Pandit asks who will do ghatbandhan rasam. Shivani says we are able to do. Shivani, Dhruv and Radhika do the ghatbandhan ritual. Pandit asks woman’s parents to return for kanyadaan. Nani says the woman’s dad and mom aren’t here, i will do it. She does the kanyadaan. Pandit says now you can get up for rounds. Shivaansh and Mannat take the rounds. Mangalam….plays… Pandit says now carry out sindoordaan. Shivaansh asks Khanna didn’t you communicate to him. Khanna says its holi color, I spoke to him. Pandit signs to Varun. Varun smiles. Shivaansh fills sindoor in Mannat’s maang and thinks I don’t have braveness to do this assembly Sonya’s eyes. Mannat cries seeing sindoor. Pandit says now tie up the mangalsutra. Shivaansh sees Khanna. Khanna nods to him. Shivaansh goes beforehand and makes Mannat wear mangalsutra. all people clap. Pandit says wedding got completed, you’re now husband and spouse. Varun says welcome to the family,

Bhabhi. anyone dances luckily. Mannat is going to Munni. Shivaansh walks different facet. Nani stops the ghatbandhan from breaking. There naam…performs…. Nani asks in which are they going. Shivaansh thinks I need to move from here, I sense guilty. Mannat thinks I should take Munni domestic, as soon as this drama ends. Nani blesses them and hugs. Shivaansh places a hand over Mannat’s hand and receives away. He hugs his own family. Mannat sees Munni going. Varun asks her to prevent. Mannat asks however Munni. He says don’t worry, I’m able to make her attain home appropriately, you have to hold this drama, else Munni will fall in trouble. He thanks pandit. Nani asks Mannat to come domestically. Nani welcomes Shivaansh and Mannat domestic. She does their aarti. Shivaansh receives uneasy by using the smoke. He thinks to govern his cough, else Nani will doubt that he isn’t always nice. He stumbles. Mannat holds him.

Tanha ka Kuch….plays…. all of us smiles. Nani says you got here right here frequently, however today you have got come as this house’s Laxmi, are available in, and make this Kalash give way by way of your foot, then dip your foot in pink Alta as Laxmi. Mannat thinks this isn’t my desire, however, Lord’s wish, how can Lord wish such cheat and lie. Mannat’s grahpravesh happens. Shivaansh thinks I don’t recognise what’s this, i am hoping this error doesn’t harm my family. Nani asks Radhika and Shivani to take the bride to Shivaansh’s new room. Varun thinks they are fools, they are welcoming their destruction. Mannat sees the superbly embellished room. Radhika and Shivani say we’ve got completed those decorations, did you like this, are you shy. They tease Mannat. Shivaansh thinks what am I doing, while marriage is faux, by means of what right am I stepping into, I assume I have to give privateness to Sonya. Radhika and Shivani go away. Mannat says if Shivaansh sees me, he gained’t depart me, I must do something.

Precap:- Shivaansh says shall we talk what to do subsequent, why did you positioned this ghunghat, Sonia, put off it. He lifts the ghunghat and gets stunned seeing Mannat.

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