Ishqbaaz 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Ishqbaaz 14 Mar episode starts with Shivaansh and Mannat. Mannat couldn’t trust that her father killed Shivaay and Anika.

PK accepts all of the allegations. Shivaansh and Oberoi own family is relieved that Shivaay and Anika eventually got justice.

Mannat walks as much as Shivaansh. Shivaansh bashes her and asks to by no means return in his life. Mannat gets heartbroken.

A flashback exhibits that Sahil blackmailed PK to simply accept all costs.

Next morning, Shivaansh again desires about Shivaay and Anika’s death day. He notices some voice of a few watch ticking. He unearths it acquainted, but could not hint it. Shivaansh has a sense that PK isn’t the perpetrator.

Shivaansh visits PK and inquires about his motive of killing Shivaay. PK has no solution.

Surprisingly, when Shivaansh asked the identical query to Sahil about PK, Sahil offers a protracted explanatory purpose.

He also knew about the homicide which PK wasn’t aware of.

Sahil is skeptical that Shivaansh would quickly trace him because of the homicide of Anika and Shivaay. He asks his goons to murder Shivaansh.

Mannat visits Oberoi residence to return the keys. She offers Shivaansh a coin and asks him to hold it.

Shivaansh receives shot. He meets Shivaay in his dream. Shivaay indicates Shivaansh to forestall Mannat and fee her love.

Shivaansh profits awareness. The health practitioner tells Shivaansh that the coin stored him.

Shivaansh rushes to stop Mannat, however, hear the identical voice coming from the watch that he heard in his dream. The voice becomes coming from Sahil’s watch.

Precap Upcoming Ishqbaz episode update: Shivaansh learns that Sahil murdered his mother and father.


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