ISI Is Now Catching Corona Suspects With The Technique Of Catching Terrorists - Imran Khan

Islamabad By the way, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been speaking in front of the whole world that neither he has terrorists nor any kind of terrorist camps are being operated here. India has also given proof all the time that terrorist camps are being conducted in all places in Pakistan, by training them, terrorists are being allowed to enter India through the border and spread terror. But still Pakistan has never accepted this fact.

Now Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has made a shocking statement. He said that Pakistan is using technology to stop the corona and catch terrorists in search of such suspects. According to local media reports and the Dawn website, a campaign to raise funds to deal with the Corona epidemic in Pakistan, while addressing the countrymen on television in the telethon, Imran said that his government will take Corona suspects by resorting to the intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Is catching He said that ISI uses terrorists in certain ways, the same will be used to catch them so that they are not likely to escape and prevent the spread of corona.

Actually Imran Khan has been trying to raise funds to fight Corona for the last few days. For this, he has also spoken on the public platform that he has experience of asking for money for the last 30 years. They already keep asking for money. For this, he also appealed to Pakistanis settled or doing business in other countries to contribute in this, for the fund he contributed by Pakistan’s businessmen, players of cricket and other sports, actors, actresses, singers and singers. Have asked for

When many countries of the world locked themselves in order to avoid the Corona epidemic, Imran had said not to lockdown, citing his poor economic conditions, but the lockdown was done when the army was under pressure. Disagreeing with the ‘complete lockdown’ once again, he said that before taking any decision, we should also think about the crores of poor who earn their living daily. Now it has been extended to 9 May at the moment.

During the lockdown, Imran had sought to contribute to the fund to help the living people by doing everyday tasks, he had asked some big countries of the world to help in dealing with the economic situation. Right now they are pleading with the people for this fund, asking all the eminent people of the country to contribute to it so that money can come in the fund.

A few days ago, Imran released a public statement and also told which country has deposited how much money in this fund for its location during the corona epidemic. Citing those countries, he had said that if the amount deposited in this fund is compared to other countries, then Pakistan does not stay anywhere, now they are asking people to deposit more money in this fund. Imran said that the country is going to face very difficult economic conditions. Everyone will have to fight unitedly.


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