ISRO Chandrayaan 2: Arshad Warsi made fun of Pakistanis, they are becoming trolls

Film actor Arshad Warsi has shared a video to his fans. He has shared a video making fun of Pakistan on social media. After this, his fans on social media have fiercely commented and shared memes on it. Are

Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi keeps his fans entertained by uploading many things on his Twitter.

Arshad Warsi shares many funny messages and videos on his social media page, in addition to promotional material for films. This also gives a reason for making fun of everyone. Today Arshad has done the same again. He shared a video mocking Pakistan. Have done After this, Pakistan is fiercely ridiculed on social media.

Arshad has shared a video, in which some people, presumably from Pakistan, can be seen flying a rocket-looking balloon in the sky. Sharing this video, Arshad wrote, “I had no idea that Pakistan also launched a rocket …” Arshad’s comment was in reference to the recently launched Chandrayaan 2 mission by India.

Recently a Pakistani minister joked at the failure of India’s lander ‘Vikram’. As soon as the video was shared by Arshad on Twitter, it became increasingly viral and Indian fans could not stop laughing and they lashed out at it. Commented

One person wrote, ‘Let’s launch something. Congratulations.’ Another person jokingly said, “Its low cost, environmentally friendly rocket …. India should learn about eco-rocket technology from them”. However, many Pakistanis did not like Arshad’s joke and trolled him fiercely.


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